Can ‘1 Night 2 Days’, which has been loved as a ‘national entertainment program’ for more than 10 years, regain the glory of the past with season 4?

‘1 Night and 2 Days’ has confirmed its resumption of broadcasting this year. An official of KBS said, “Bang Bang is in charge of directing PD, and he is building a team around him.” “Broadcast is likely to be in early winter in late autumn.

KBS also announced on the day, “We will prepare the program with the highest priority as the return of the family entertainment that the whole family can enjoy together.”

There was also concern about ‘1 Night 2 Day Season 4’, but as the crew revealed their attitude of incidence, expectations are growing.

It would not have been easy to decide to resume as KBS stopped producing ‘1 Night and 2 Days’ due to the case of Jung Joon-young, a member of Chae Hyun-hyun’s betting golf report.

Season 4 had the worries of the crew that they should take advantage of the existing ‘1 night 2 days’, but also take a different charm. This is why the female director Bangle, who is not a male director, chose PD as the main director of season 4.

This is because the program ‘Various Arts Touring the Nation’ is the same, but the viewer’s influence is different depending on the concept of the broadcast, the planning ability, and the emotion of the director.

The ‘1 Night and 2 Days’ created by the female director adds expectations beyond the imagination.

Depending on the chemistry between the members other than the director, ‘1 night 2 days’ is a program that can be changed sufficiently. The existing ‘1 Night 2 Days’ cast side said, “I have not received it in relation to the season 4 appearance,” but the production team is currently thinking about the remaining members and new members from various angles.

Currently, new versions of Sun members cannot be predicted, such as residual members and new members’ chemistry, or the composition of completely different new members. However, the crew’s attempt to take a leap with the change of directors and members while keeping the merits of the one night and two days’ loved by the whole family is expected.

One broadcaster said, “I was surprised that the interest in resuming the ‘1 night 2 days season 4’ broadcast was hotter than expected. “If you’re good at laying the foundations of work, there’s a lot of hope that you’ll get back to what you used to be.”

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