In the first and second sessions of the SBS short drama ’17 years old’ that was broadcast on the 5th, there was an uneasy psychology of Mom Min-ee (Yoon Chan-yeong) and An Seo-yeon (Park Si-eun).

On this day, my mother Jung-kyung (Seo Jung-yeon) asked, “If I go to college, my mom will go to Daegu and live with my dad? I did not go down with my dad because of my school.”

So, Jeong Kyung answered, “What am I going to do?” He reassured him that he would come to Seoul from Daegu if his father retired.

However, it was not all that trouble. “My mom is making an affair. I think the odds are a hundred pounds,” Confucius said.

Among them, Anseo Year was suffering from conflict with her mother Hae-young (Lee Han-na). She was forced to have a contraceptive operation due to the menstrual cramps, and Ahn Seo-yeon went to surgery with no expression.

After that, Ahn Seo-yeon watched the sodium explosion experiment in front of the school grounds and seemed to be more interested. When Ahn Seo-yeon said he wanted to experiment, he said, “I have to throw it and run away.

However, Ahn Seo – yeon did not think to escape until the moment he dropped the sodium into the water while holding the test tube. Ahn Seo-yeon’s expression did not change, but in his behavior he felt unstable psychology.

So the teacher rushed and pushed An Seon-yeon, and Ahn Seon-yeon passed over safely with a small amount of blood on his cheek. Kwon Min-jae has watched all the preceding situations.

After that, he went down to Daegu from the mayor and was informed that he would go to sleep one day. He left early in his troubles and went down to Daegu to see if the mayor was heading to his dad’s house.

After that, Goh Min-jae accidentally witnessed Ahn Seo-yeon on a train coming to Seoul. Ahn Seo-yeon was coming to Seoul after completing Daegu Competition.

Lee Hae-young said that Ahn Seo-yeon went down to Daegu and was only second, and excused her from the teacher. Ahn Seo-yeon then said, “I have been drunk to take each one, but what’s not?”

Worrywood witnessed all this. While he pretended not to hear Ahn’s presence, he was late, but Ahn replied casually, “I heard it all.”

After that, Gomin Jae and Ahn Seo-yeon went to the house along the subway. He said he had a promise.

On the other hand, at the end of the film, it was depicted that Worm Jae-jae received a first grade in mathematics and received an award from his tutor. The eccentric teacher brought home the troubled materials, leaving only a letter and a condom.

At the moment of worrying panic, the tutor’s house bell rang. The person who pressed the bell was Ahn Seo-yeon who covered her face with a mask. I didn’t know how to worry about this and raised my curiosity about future development.

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