But it does not mean dismantling the group.

Banana Culture Entertainment, a subsidiary of the company, said on July 3, “After the discussion, we will end the contract with Jung Hwa and the end of May.” The other three members, Soji, HyeRin and LE, 

Two members left the agency but EXID did not dismantle the position. Banana Culture said, “The members are preparing for a new challenge in the transition period, not the demolition of the group, and they are trying to find a way to do activities again in the future.”

EXID will release a new mini album on the 15th of this month ahead of the team’s break. Having decided to end the exclusive contract, Honey and Jung Hwa will leave the schedule of this album and plan to find a new company.

On the other hand, the three members Solzie, Hyerin, and LE, who remain in the agency, perform personal activities afterwards. Soli and LE are solo singer based on vocals and rap skills, respectively, and Hyerin plans various broadcasting activities. 

EXID, which debuted in 2012, was a total of 6 people including Honey, Jeonghwa, LE, Hae-ryeon, Damie and Yuseong, but after joining Hae-ryeon, Damie, and Yoo, they joined Hyerun as a new member. So, Sorin, HyeRin, JungHwa, Hani, LE packed up a group of five girls.

EXID has long been a difficult time together, so members of the group are known to be deeply friendly. Everyone is well respected among members, loving each other in a sincere manner. I am rumored to be a ‘good girl group’ who cares about each other.

“Up and down,” which was released in August 2014, came back as a popular group after a late run on the chart. ‘Up and down’ is a blend of part composition, exploding refrain, and sophisticated arrangement that utilize individual personality personally well. The staff who raised the charm of EXID to the maximum gathered and produced the best result.

EXID is followed by ‘Oh Yeah’, ‘Hot Pink’, ‘STREET’, ‘Eclipse’, ‘Full Moon’, ‘Tomorrow’, and ‘Allauve’. I was able to meet EXID which was upgraded to concise yet addictive choreography. 

Sozie said on December 20, 2016, that he has been confirmed to have hyperthyroidism and is going to rest for a while. I had a four-member system from the year-end awards ceremony of that year, and I achieved a complete re-release with the release of “Alle Vue,” which was released last November in two years. But after six months of releasing individual activity, EXID’s new album is no longer available for release this month.

Nevertheless, the reason for the excitement in the entertainment activities to be held by the five members in the future is based on friendship, not only in music activities but also in different fields. It is noteworthy how SOLZE, HERRIN, PURPLE, HONEY, LE will open and tilt.

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