On the 5th TVN Monday drama ’60th, designated survivor’, Park Moo-jin (Ji Jin-hee) was shot and collapsed, and Oh Young-seok (Lee Jun-hyuk)

The day the ministerial appointment ceremony takes place. In the building opposite, someone aimed the gun at the platform. Hannah, who was aware of this in advance, shot her gun first and had her body ready for shooting. But the sniper quickly pulled the muzzle and hit Park.

Park was taken to the hospital with a penetrating wound on his side. Fortunately, there was no problem in life right now, but I had to operate right away. The doctor said, “The debris can burst blood vessels inside. It’s the same as having a time bomb. You need to operate right now.”

There was a problem of filling in the government gap. After the ministerial appointment ceremony, the new Minister of Strategy and Finance was supposed to act, but the Minister of Strategy and Finance was also transferred to the hospital wearing a gunshot wound. The next successor was Oh Young Suk.

At the same time, Oh Young-suk looked for a tailor and shouted, “Are you doing this to make me an authority?” Terrorism was something that he did not know. However, the owner of the tailor said, “I would not have refused it if I told you first.”

Park Moo-jin called Yun Chan-kyung (Bae Jong-ok) before the surgery and asked him to “check Oh Young-seok.” At the same time, he was wary of an extended interpretation, “just as if you had made me oppose the administration as opposition leader.” After accepting it, Yoon Chan said, “There is not much left of the election.

Oh started his work as an agent. He decided to force the stock market to open the day after terrorism. Although everyone questioned, he closed the market, saying, “If you close the stock market, you feel more anxious.” It was a VIP order to take a big share of the stock market in a panic. Oh also ordered the killing of terrorists. This was also opposed by everyone, including Chae Young-jin (Son Seok-gu), but he did not give in. Eventually, the terrorists were killed.

Park’s surgery is complete. The surgery on the gunshot area was safe, but the bleeding did not return to consciousness. As a result, Oh Young-suk is in the agency for a longer time than expected.

Oh Young-suk announced that he had killed a terrorist at a press conference. Along with the press conference, he became the most charismatic presidential candidate and became the No. 1 presidential candidate. And then Park Moo-jin opened his eyes.

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