Hong In-pyo (Jung Woong-in) came back alive in KBS2 ’99 Billion Women, ‘which aired on the 15th.

Mark was buried in the ground in exchange for his money. Inpy’s car got dirt and returned home to sleep.

Not aware of this fact, Seoyeon attended a VIP party with Leon (Lim Tae-kyung), who was deceived as Daniel Kim. Yoon Hee-ju (Onara) and Lee Jae-hoon (Lee-hoon) also attended the party and faced cold.

Seoyeon walked proudly to the party and met Hui-joo in the makeup room. Hee-ju ironed Seoyeon, but Seoyeon replied, “I will forget the stolen money and make it with my own hands.

Leon offered Seo Yeon to choose between one billion reward and 10 billion operating funds. Seoyun asked, “Why are you so favorable to me?” Leon replied that he had saved him. Seo-yeon, who returned home, thought about the flight ticket given by Kang Tae-woo (Kim Kang-woo).

But Seo Yeon accepted Leon’s suggestion. We have selected 10 billion won in funding and prepared a business proposal. Leon brought Seoyeon to his office and sent a message to the secretary, “Hunting a fox.”

Tae-woo came to visit Seoyeon and went to the island with him. Seoyeon thanked me but refused to leave, and when he saw Kang Tae-hyun (Hyun-woo) for the last time, he confessed to “brother, brother.” Tae-woo was shocked to find out that Tae-hyun was alive at that time, and he turned around and said, “You can’t do it if you’re not.”

Leon encouraged Jaehun to break down the race. While Jaehun was deceived by Leon, Hee-joo heard of his father’s cheating news. All of this was written by Leon. Leon said, “It’s only the beginning, I’ll show you that if you make me an enemy, you’ll be thoroughly thorough.”

Seoyeon decided to invest 10 billion won in the ‘Unam Foundation’ which is in crisis. Heo Ju rejected the proposal, pointing to Seoyeon’s changed attitude. Seoyeon warned, “Don’t regret because of pride.”

On the other hand, In-ko, who knows Leon’s identity, sent pressure on Leon to threaten him, and Tae-woo came to Hui-ju and shocked him.

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