One judge said, “There is a risk of destroying evidence.”

“I heard that the victims were being severely hurt by the comments on my article,” said Kang at the end of the morning after the interrogation of the suspects (examination of the warrant) He said.

Kang has been accused of raping A and Mr. B and drank A and Mr. B in the room where they were sleeping after drinking alcohol from two outsourced staffs who helped them to film their own and Oppo’s home in Gwangju.

He had a second drinking with his staff at his home after having dinner with his staff and staff.

Kang made his debut in the musical ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ in 2001 and since then, he has appeared in films such as ‘The Movie is a Movie’ (2008), ‘Seventh grade Officials’ (2009) He has appeared in a variety of films including ‘Kyeongseong Scandal’ (2007), ‘Hong Gil Dong’ (2008), ‘Big Man’ (2014) and ‘Children of Little Gods’ (2018).

He has been awarded MBC Debut Grand Prize in 2005, and has won many awards including BaekSang Art Grand Prize, Blue Dragon Film Prize, Daejong Prize Film Festival.

Kang is also a popular actor in various fields including MBC TV ‘Real Man 300’ and so on.

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