This year’s production report was attended by Chun Jung-myung, a male boss who wanted to be a happy boss, Lee Cheol-ho, an acting director of Cheol Hoe-ho, an organizational boss. did.

Director Song Chang-yong said, “There is a person who invested this film. Nine years ago, adolescent school violence became a big issue. He was very sorry to see the news and wanted to alert the youths by investing this film. Received a rating of not being able to see the youth. However, he was able to edit a lot of the cruelty of the investor and make it a movie that teens can watch. He tried to deal with a lot of messages that raise awareness about the organization and violence. ” It was eliminated.

‘Faceless Boss’ is a cool man in the world of cruelty without cruelty and tears. It’s a movie. Cheon Jung-myung, Jin-han, Isia, Lee Ha-ryul, Kwak Hee-sung and Kim Do-hoon were added, and director Chang Chang-yong of ‘Savior: Returns’ and ‘Campus S Couple’ caught the megaphone. It will be released on November 21.

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