The gangster boss Jang Dong-soo (Mang-seok-min), who took control of the central region, is attacked by a suspicious man and is killed and resurrected. Dark world where face is more important than life. As the rumor spreads that he was hit by a sword without a genealogy, the boss’s authority and pride fall on the ground.

The detective Jung Tae-seok (Kim Moo-yeol), who appeared in front of him, was a serial killer who stabbed him.

A gang who has always been guilty of sin has become the only survivor and witness in the serial killings. A boss who was daring to catch a man who dared to defend himself, and a detective who wanted to keep the killer crazy. The movie “Wicked World” starts from this ironic situation. 

‘A well-selling’ action actress Ma Dong Seok has reacted first abroad

The movie “The Wicked World” is a work that shows off the “one-stick commitment” of Ma Dong Seok, who has been in charge of character that overwhelms his appearance and charisma after the crime city. The movie fans named him “MCU (Marseille Cinematic Universe)” for his consistent action. The word “MCU” has a meaning of ‘unprecedented action water’ which can only be done by the master, and it also includes the meaning of ‘criticism’ and ‘similarity’. 

“Wicked World” is a work of concentration of time and effort of action actor Ma Dong Seok who poured a well that made it strong even in criticism of the world. From the very beginning, he puts a man in a sandbag, makes a state of beatings, pulls out the other’s skin with his finger, and shows off his enormous action ability. The reason why such an unrealistic action is convincing is that the actor who plays him is ‘Mamdongseok’.  

The charismatic gangster boss, who showed this kind of toughness, has become a victim of “do not ask the serial killer” in a nutshell. There are cliches and MCU formulas of Korean gangster movies all over the movie, but that is why it is not so cliched.

From the art box president (veteran) to the zombie (to Busan) and the lion of the dead (with God – in and out). The pleasure when the fist goes to the serial killer is one of the attraction points of this movie. For some audiences who would have felt from ‘tacky’ when Marc stole the movie that plays the gang boss, the entertainment code of the ‘wicked’ would be valid. If you’re an entertaining, entertaining audience. 

The reaction of “The Wicked World” came from overseas first. It was confirmed to Hollywood remake by invitation of screening of the 72nd Cannes International Film Festival midnight. I have not even met a domestic audience yet. According to the production company, “The Wicked World” has finished sales in 104 countries across the Americas, Europe and Asia. Overseas buyers decided to make a purchase decision with only a 3 minute promotional video of <Wicked World>. It is also good to experience the fun of the Korean version in advance because Majokseok is said to play the same role in the Hollywood version <The Wicked World>. Released on the 15th.  
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