Cable, and the drama of the episode suddenly emerged and SBS was the only one that showed off in the viewership fight even when the three terrestrial players were breaking down, but it fell into a mire of 1% by <Absolutely>.

<Absolute Guy> is coming to the end on November 11 as a trilogy. It is a drama where there are many points that are pitiful.

<Absolute Guy> depicts the romance of a special dressmaker Dada and a permanent figure for lovers (Zero Nine). The original is a comic which is published in the Japanese magazine <Girl Comics> in 2003 and is already a drama in 2008 in Japan. It was also remade in Taiwan in 2013 starring Goo Hye Sun.

The first question for <Absolute God>. I have to remake the original 16-year-old Kake-muk. The issue of the Fourth Revolution to create a good imagination with robots has given the public a lot of insight into AI concepts and knowledge. It is no longer immersive in a pesky setting. Moreover, the proposition that the robot material used as a fantasy romance is not eaten has already been proved by KBS2 <Are you human?>.

The bead drama critic, “The robot is ‘dead’ when shut down. Can viewers be enthusiastic about Melo, which already has a negative ending? In addition, Dada, a pile maker, suffers from extreme hardships throughout the early stages. Nowadays, audiences will feel ‘sweet potatoes’ stacked up. “

Also, even local popular works do not guarantee a little success in remake. As the critic says, “Regal Ha> <One hundred Million Stars Falling from the Sky>, it is hard to find success stories of Japanese dramas remake. The Japanese are familiar with specific tragedy endings, but we are different. In the end, “Absolute Guy” is a drama that has two failure factors: “old materials that are out of date” and “remake works that do not penetrate emotion.”

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