On the 5th, SBS ‘Absolute Gyu (Amulet)’, there were many incidents after permanent employment (Jeong Jin-gu) as a manager of Ma Wang-jun (Hong Jonghyun).

Wang Jun decisively refused to work with him, saying “do not work with you” to Jin Jung, who brought him to the interim manager. However, soon I changed my attitude and accepted the permanent as a manager and looked at the back of the permanent and said, “Umm Daughter: Your great boyfriend, I will give you a thorough smile.”

Yonggu is delighted and said to Eumdada (Bang Min-ah), “If you work as a manager, you will be recognized as an official here.” Dada worried that “If you are not a real person, what should I do if I get stuck?”

Wang Jun predicted that the perpetrator could not survive for three hours, and began making unreasonable demands from the first day of work. Wang Jun asked Yonggu to buy coffee at a regular shop in Seorae Village and said, “I can not come in at least one hour.” However, Permanent succeeded in erroneous coffee in 30 minutes after fully understanding the order.

This time, he told me to go to the Chinese house in Chinatown and buy the jacobs without blowing. Wang Jun told Eun-dong, “I do not deliver the house, I do not even take a takeaway.” He promised that he would fail, but Yung-chu took the chef of the Chinese house home and embarrassed him. This allowed King and Eun – dong to admit their permanent ability and allowed them to work as regular managers. 

Permanent confrontation of the permanent and King Jun era was also started. “I do not know why I see a girl like you, but there is one thing I do not like, Dada does not like you, now she needs someone,” provoked her. I’m next to you. ” 

Wang Jun took the permanent to the gym and challenged his exercise with pride. He said, “It seems to be overweight, it is dangerous.” He warned that muscles might be surprised because he did not do enough preparatory exercises, but Wang Jun snapped at him saying, “I am the king. However, seeing the hard-crying King Jung-jun, the perpetrator expressed a sad face, saying, “I think a light exercise suitable for you is good.”

With his pride, Wang Jun made a health trainer to give the most difficult exercise to the permanent, and suddenly the fitness light was blinking and the permanent function was down. Tada, who was watching from outside, hurried inside and was worried about what was going on.

He said to Wang Jun, “Why are you trying to make me exercise?” Wang Jun said, “Why are you here? You really like him.”

“I did not tell you not to be a manager, but I was worried about it if I was not in that situation before,” he said. At this time, the flowerpot fell on the head of Dada, and he watched the two people and ran toward Dada to avoid the flowerpot.

He also advised, “It is so strong that it is not good for Dada.” He looked at the perpetuity of buying drugs from Tada, and he reminded me of the memories he had given medicine to Tada. Then, a phone call was made to the man who threatened King Jun, and Wang Jun got angry and tense to ask for his identity.

“I do not know what you’re talking about, but I do not know what you’re talking about,” she said. I explained why I could not keep my promise. 

I was confused about getting to know the truth of the day, and I remembered the words of Wang Jun, who said, “I have many memories of me and Tada, you are not.”

Dada, who took her to the sea, said, “My girlfriend, you should not look at me now, I want to be loved now,” and I expect that the triangle relationship of Permanent, Dada, and Wang Jun will deepen.

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