On May 6, TVN New Moonwha drama ‘Abyss: Soul resurrection beads’ (drama Mun Su – yeon / Directed Yujewon / Abyss) was broadcast first. ‘Abys’ is a story about the resurrection of Chun Nam Chin (Anse Ha-min) of the previous generation as an actress (An Hyo-Sup) as a ghost (Kim Bo-young)

It is fresh from the material called soul rebirth beads. There are many fantasy material appearing in dramas such as past and present, future, freely available Bing’s, but it is the first time to deal with soul rebirth. The setting of saving the dead through the soul rejuvenation beads has never seen freshness.

It is also interesting that the male and female protagonist is resurrected with a completely different face than the original one. The setting of resurrecting Kim Sang Rang with Park Bo Young and Anse Hye Ahn Hyo Seop makes comic things by creating unpredictable situations in the play. The test setup reveals the unfolding development that reveals the murder of one person while showing the other person’s appearance.

The fact that Chinmin (Ahn Hyo-sup) is a serial killer Oh Young-chul (Lee Sung-jae) who has survived the abyss makes me wonder about the future. The rapid development from the death of the hero to the resurrection and the serial killer who survived the protagonist gave tension to the thriller genre.

If I conveyed the freshness through the material, I was happy to use the actors. Actor Kim Sarang, Anse Ha, Seo In-kook, and Jung Min-min made a special appearance and played an important role in the play. Kim Sarang announced the return to the theater for 4 years through ‘Abys’, and the two main characters of TVN drama ‘One hundred million stars falling from the sky’, Seo In-kook and Jung So-min appeared as aliens delivering Abyss and showed good examples of special appearances.

Park Bo-young’s one-person 2-star performance was also one of the greatest points. Park Boo – young showed a charm of reverse in her TVN drama ‘Oh My Ghost’, directed by Yu – Jae – won PD four years ago, between her frivolous Na – seon Bae and her mischievous virgin god Shin Shin – ae. That Park Bo-young is also presenting the high-performance in ‘Abys’, and already has 2 stations for 1 person.

The freshness and gladness of “Abyss” showed a smooth start in audience ratings. And 3.9% and 3.7% respectively

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