In the TVN drama ‘Abys’ broadcasted on October 10, Ko See-yeon (Park Bo Young) was drawn to observe that Oh Young-chul (Lee Sung-jae) and Seo Ji-wook (Kwon Soo-hyun) are rich.

On that day, Seoseeun scared that he would attack his parents. Chinmin (Ahn Hyo-sup), who had read them, set up a cottage for her parents. Park Dong-cheol (Ishihon) received a request from Chanmin and took the parents of High-Serenity as a villa.

“I’ll apologize to you,” he said. I’ll be very supportive in the future. ” Chinmin said, “If I say coffee, I will drill my hair.”

So, “I was giddy,” he said, “I sent you to your parents’ house,” said Chin Min. I would have sent it to you very soon. ” Ko Se – yeon was playing a trick, “Mr.

However, the peace of the two people has been called for a while, Jang Hee-jin (Han So-hee). Jang Hee-jin’s mother, Jang Sun-young, disappeared. Previously, Jang Seon-young lost her way and the taxi driver who saw her called Seo Ji-wook (Kwon Soo-hyun). Seo Ji-wook, who was trying to kidnap Jang Seon-young, did not hesitate.

Jang Seon-yong, who saw Seo Ji-wook, smiled at his heart. Seo Ji-wook turned off his cell phone and fed him a vitamin drink. Jang Seon-young lost her mind and Seo Ji-wook took her to Oh Young-cheol. Oh Young – chul said, “Our son relieves his father ‘s worries. It’s more than I expected. “

Seo Ji-wook tried to open his seat, but Oh Young-cheol “grabbed a drink” and grabbed him. At that time, Jang Seon-yeong awoke and caught “Oh Tae Jin-hee” Oh Yeong-cheol. Tae Jin Lee was the real name of Seo Ji Wook. Seo Ji-wook was weakened by his mother Jang Seon-young’s appearance and confronted Oh Young-cheol.

Oh Yeong-cheol hits Seo Ji-wook, saying, “Things that are not spoiled should be handled by discipline.” However, Seo Ji-wook soon took the lead, and he said, “From the devil, more demons can be born. I was tired because I had no strength at the time, but now I am not. “

Oh Yeong-cheol, who was dying, hit his head with an empty glass bottle. Oh Yeong-cheol tried to kill Su-ji-wook, but police came along, including the high-ranking sergeant. Seo Ji-wook and Oh Young-chul ran away in a short drive. Ko Se-yeon was worried that he had a man with Oh Young-cheol.

The reason why it was possible to become the son of Seo Ji – Seo Ji-wook, who grew up as the son of Oh Young-chul, accidentally witnessed the crime of the West Chosik. When he saw Seocheon’s son dead, he said, “Will I cover it?” And became his son.

Park Ki-man (Lee Cheol-min), who knows this, looked for the Seocheon ceremony and said, “It is you who raised Seo Ji-wook. If you did not put Seo Ji-wook on the spot, Oh Young-chul’s murder might have been over, “he said.” Seo Ji-wook is now paying off his debt to his son. “

Based on the DNA test results, Seosee Yeon and Park Dongchul knew that the man who was with Oh Young Cheol was his son. Jang said, “Tae Jin is my brother and sister,” said Jang Hee – jin, who was in hospital.

After Jang Hee-jin went home, Ko Se-yeon took care of Jang Sun-young. At that time, Seo Ji-wook came and said, “Without a high-level of success, he said,” I hated my mother who was angry from old times. ” “I often appear in an unexpected place,” said Chin, who saw Seo Ji-wook.

On the other hand, Ko Seeyun found a number of someone in the sketch book of Jang Sun Young. Ko Se-yeon noticed that the number was the number of Oh Tae-chin, the son of Oh Young-cheol. When he called the number, Ko See – yun ‘s ringing bell, Seo Ji – wook said, “It’ s you. “He said.

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