Elie, who came back in two years and eight months, commented on her new song, “Room Shaker,” that she was going to turn the room over wherever she went. “It’s a piece of hip-hop tracks and pop vocals.” Introduced. Aley said, “It’s been a long time since I wanted to make a comeback with a better song, and the title song has changed once a month, so I thought I’d like a good song at this moment and I chose ‘Room Shaker’.” Explained.

Allie said, “I’m sorry to hear that there are not too many high notes in this song, but there are nine songs with a lot of high notes.

Aly that he was bruised by the choreography. “I wanted to show the impact choreography,” he said.

Aley then showed his new stage live. Powerful choreography, even the unshakable vocals, amazed everyone. Allie’s passion for reminiscent of the concert hall, the audience all applauded the audience.

My girlfriend, who returned to the new song ‘Tropical Night’, said, “It is a song that compared the heat that does not cool down even when it is nighttime to love.” “It is an incredibly exciting dance song.

My girlfriend also dressed up the new song live stage. Only the girlfriend’s dreamy atmosphere and the rhythm of the chic impression were outstanding. Especially, his girlfriend was proud of his excellent live performance and gave listeners good news.

Aly and Yu-ju showed ‘Heaven’ collar. Allie put on a fantastic chord over a unique occupational tone. “I think I can not use both ears today,” the thumb said. Along with this, his girlfriend called ‘Run the time’ and Alyle called ‘I’ll show you’. The audience reacted explosively to a high-quality live feast like a CD.

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