On January 11, MBC’s “ All-Order Interview ” (hereinafter referred to as “ Wonhap ”) revealed the daily lives of Bae Jong-ok and manager.

Manager Kim Young-kyu, who has been working with Bae Jong-ok for two years, confessed that he has been called Kim Jun-ho wherever he has been since his last appearance.

Kim Young-kyu said that Bae Jong-ok doesn’t always rest. “You’re so diligent. I hope you take a rest but don’t take a break. It looks like a swan. There are a lot of white clothes and they are often worn. It looks more like a swan, ”said Bae Jong-ok.

On this day, Bae Jong-ok took a walk on the Han River to unwind, even with a cold. Kim Young-gyu manager said, “I always manage with ballet and pilates even when I’m at rest. “I’ve never heard you overslept and you’re diligent.”

Bae Jong-ok said, “It seems that I have exercise compulsions. If you stay still, your body will be drunken and try to move more. ”

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