‘Jeon Yeonsi’ Lee Young-ja told Hong Hyun-hee, “I only see me when I eat”.

On the 11th, the MBC ‘All-out Viewing Time’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘Wonhap’) appeared on Baek Jong-ok’s Lee Young-ja, Hong Hyun-hee and Song Eun-yi.

At the opening of the day, Yang Se-hyun told Bae Jong-ok, “I heard that I exercise every day.” When Bae Jong-ok responded, “I can’t exercise without time.”

Yang Se-hyung said, “In the case of Hong Hyun-hee, the manager is worried a lot. What do you want Bae Jong-ok to say?”

Bae Jong-ok seriously asked, “Do you really not exercise at all?” Then Hong Hyun-hee was embarrassed and said, “When you eat and sleep right away, you seem to be rich and happy.”

Bae Jong-ok said, “My brother said, ‘If you do not exercise, don’t eat’.”

Lee Young-ja said, “Hong Hyun-hee reports me only when you talk about eating. Jong-ok reports to her sister when talking stylish. The department store is with Uhm Jung-hwa, and the traditional market is like a sister who knows you went with me.”

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