Bae Jong-ok’s daily life was depicted. Bae Jong-ok went to a hair salon before practicing the play, and after finishing makeup Bae Jong-ok ate Kimbap that he had bought in the car. The manager told me that there was a schedule change, and Bae Jong-ok said, “Don’t get angry, talk about it.”

Bae Jong-ok said, “I was angry a lot, but I am not angry these days. I do 108 times.” The manager also said, “I was very angry, but I’m not angry with my senior.” 

After that, he arrived at the theater and showed acting. Bae Jong-ok said, “As I have a lot of acting experience, I do not give acting advice. So it is better to talk in person. I do not know what it is.” During the acting practice, Jang Jin gave a joke to Bae Jong-ok, and when Bae Jong-ok received a serious talk, Lee said, “Why do you take the joke again?” 

A situation drama unfolded and everyone threw on Bae’s acting.

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