SBS entertainment ‘Baek Jong-won’s alley restaurant’ Seosan Haemi-eup castle was broadcast on the 10th. 

On that day, Baek Jong-won visited the ribs at the Kimchi Chijimi house while informing the solution of Seom San Haemi-eup. The president of Kimchi Chigae hastened to make the main menu. Next, we went to the main menu of the pot. Baek Jong-won tasted it while the boss went up to the situation room. 

I finally tasted the main side of the kimchi stew. The boss said he had put the ribs on the side of the side that he was worried about the special menu. 
We received an unspecified evaluation, and made the expectation of the taste of the kimchi soup with the pride of the president. Baek Jong-won tasted a mouthful and immediately put down the chopsticks. Then he chewed a bite without saying anything, and summoned Chung In-sun. Chung In-sun said, “I have a blunt taste, I feel a little bit of meat.” The president said, “No, I put it in the water that came in the day before.” Baek Jong-won urged his boss to try it out, saying, “This is serious, the boss should also try it.” The boss tasted it and said, “It smells.” 

Then I found dust flying around on the floor, and Baek Jong-won asked me, “Do not clean it.” 
Baek Jong-won wiped the table lightly, but the wet tissue was also dirty with dust. The president said, “I lifted the prize and did not clean it well,” and recognized that it was not easy to move in a sore knee condition. The president said, “The doctor said that the cruciate ligament was ruptured, so we had to take a year off, but it was a situation that we could not cure if we did not sell it because of difficult family circumstances.” Baek Jong-won said, “I have a lot of table seating for my sick boss.” 

The next day, Baek Jong – won returned to the pork stew house he had praised. Baek Jong-won said, “In fact, little evaluation was shaken by a little boy.” I arrived at the pig stew house with anticipation. The boss listed side dishes such as a daily rice bowl. The menu was greedy and I quickly finished cooking with fresh ingredients. 

Then we sampled wild rice bibimbap from a long rice pickle. From the original taste of the ingredients that did not contain kochujang, Baek Jong-won said, “I’ll try it with a young bulgogi”. Jung In-sun also summoned him, and Jung In-sun died in the food, saying that he was a “rice thief.” In the meantime, I was able to carry out a silt with the seasonal squid. Spring specialties are prepared. Chung In-seon said, “I like me.” He said, “It’s too fresh.” 

Next we headed to the giblet house. I want to see how to do the grooming of small giblets and pig giblets. Baek Jong-won directly instructed me to remove the fat first, while measuring the pre-gross weight. Before the grooming, the fat was removed so that a little of the giblets multiplied by almost half the fat. After the fat was trimmed again, the fat was removed and all the fat had disappeared. Baek Jong-won sees this and once said that there is no problem with removing fat. 

Next we identified how to clean. Baek Jong-won confirms this with his eyes, and Baek Jong-won, “I’m different here,” and realized that the product flows. “You should never flow water hard, do not pour in water. I must. 

Next, I confirmed the process of cultivation. It was said that the giblets were washed with water and mixed with water. I picked up the giblets I had harvested and rinsed them in kiwi fruit and then drained the wipes. Baek Jong-won pointed out the problems in the curriculum and examined all the ready-made giblets before baking. The water was removed, but the water still remained. He pointed out that some of the perforated giblets had already entered the cucumber and did not fall into the back of the cucumber. The mystery of the product which was like liquid was solved. The water and the cicadas that did not fall out were flowing while brewing. 

I went to the back side of the ribs, kimchi stew. The president was in charge of cleaning. At that time, Baek Jong-won found something again, and the bug that had left him yesterday was still there. It said that it cleaned, but hygiene control still became a problem. Baek Jong-won said, “Hygienic management is not an option but a necessity, I tell you as a business man,” and “I can not see the restaurant’s work and I can not see it. “Hygiene should be taken care of every day, not a day or two,” he said. Baek Jong-won said, “I dare say that if you do not have a basic recipe, you will have a good recipe, but if you do not get it, you will be back.”  

Then he scrambled the mop with his spooky eyes and cleaned it from what he could not see. It summoned to Chung Inseon and went to the cleanup. 

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