At the SBS ‘Baek Jong-won Alley Restaurant’ on the 27th, the Geoje area of ​​Gyeongsangnam-do, the first area to challenge the revitalization of local businesses, was unveiled for the first time.

Geoje Island is the second largest island in the Republic of Korea and is the city of Korea’s representative shipbuilding industry. In the meantime, Geoje has been called a “recession-free zone,” but it has been difficult for self-employed people to suffer from the recession that has been happening four years ago.

3MC, who visited Geoseo Poseong Alley, said, “This time, the situation room is a little unusual.” Also, because the recession is continuing recently, the MCs expressed anxious thoughts that “it was a hard time”.

Especially, MC showed anxiety about the dialect, and laughed when he showed that he was solving the problem of listening to the dialect.

The first place Baek Jong – won visited was the chungmu kimbap with the president of ‘Geoje – do’ native ‘. MCs observed a Kimbap house where there was no guest from the morning. The president of Kimbap opened a shop with a recipe for chungmu kimbap to his friend, and now he is considering changing the industry to the Dongas house.

The president of the Kimbap House showed off the charm of the reverse with a shy but charming dialect, which made everyone smile.

When the food came out, Baek Jong – won said, “You can go to the situation room and stay there.” The president of Kimbap said, “Please go somewhere and talk to me.” I moved to the situation room. At this time, Joe Boa met the boss and said, “It is so cute.”

Before eating the food, Baek Jong – won asked about the origin of the food, the paper used for the kimbap, and why he used a toothpick, but Kim Bum – bum knew his origins but showed no use of paper and toothpicks.

Baek Jong-won, who tasted the country, said, “I do not have any taste. What did you put in boiling?” And the president of Kimbap said, “I put in a lot and boiled.”

Baek Jong-won, who had been called “the taste of ordinary taste, high-speed dining,” the president of Kimbap sharply reduced the number of words. In addition, Baek Jong-won attracted attention by saying “I will add a menu for the first time” to a single menu, Kimbap house.

After Baek Jong-won went to the kitchen, and he picked up the personal health food in the refrigerator, the president of Kimbap was ashamed and had both eyes closed.

Then Baek Jong-won visited a bamboo shoot and a scrambled egg shop run by the president of the ’14th year of the catering business’ and went to a tasting. The president of the barley-rice restaurant, who is not conscious of the people around him, expressed his firm confidence, saying, “No one said that my food was tasty.”

Baek Jong-won, looking at the price of the barley-rice menu before visiting the tasting, said, “The issue of price as well as the barley-rice price is a problem all over Geoje Island. The price of Geoje Island is too expensive. The price of the whole region has been high, but the price has been maintained even after the shipbuilding industry has declined. ”

In particular, the president of the barley rice restaurant was worried about Baek Jong-won, “The dancer would not fit in the food of Geoje” before delivering the food, and Baek Jong-won showed anxiously saying, “There is a trap in that horse.

After that, Baek Jong-won tasted of boiled rice and steamed steamed codfish, and during the tasting, he shouted “It smells strange, it smells bad, does it smell strange in the water? Wait a minute.”

Baek Jong-won, who ate the side dishes before eating the barley rice, said, “It is the first taste I have ever eaten before, and the texture of the bean sprouts is strange, and the spinach herbs are strange and the seaweed is not.”

In particular, the president, who listened to Baek Jong-won’s testimony, said, “My food was tailored to the people of the lower regions.

However, Baek Jong – won ‘s perseverance in the continuing Baek Jong – won’ s praise raised the tension by shouting “What should I do differently?”

Baek Jong-won said, “I would try to tasting with people in the lower parts of the village,” Baek Jong-won, who ate a bowl of boiled rice, said, “I am still in the region.”

The last shop Baek Jong – won found was a lunch box house. The economy became difficult and the boss, who became the best, was busy preparing for business from dawn. However, Baek Jong-won pointed out that “it is too slow for human beings.” After tasting kimbab, it was called “healthy taste” and left an unknown taste.

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