“I can not give my guests what I can not eat. This is a delicious portion and should be discarded. I will not do it on my standards. So I’m sorry to give you a guest. So, I peeled it off. “The president of Povarter Market Dongas, who appeared in SBS <Baek Jong-won’s Alley Restaurant> for a long time, said that to the president of the Wonju Miro Art Market.

The owner of the Dongas house said that, and the remaining sirloin was cut down to a very small size. The president of Ebidosan said, “There are a lot of losses (losses),” but the president of Dongas said that he should “boldly” abandon it. It has been quite a while since the broadcast, but the house of piggaz market Dongas was still there. The boss’ s consciousness was still there, and the taste was still there, and of course, the guests who came from the dawn also made a picture of the city.

The waiting room, which was prepared separately from the Dongas house, was crowded with guests from early morning. But the owner of Dongas was only 35 teams a day. So unfortunately the 35th team did not belong to the guests had to turn. The boss expressed his sorry feeling that he was sorry for the room, but his confidence was firm. I am sorry to say that it is the way to give the best to the guests who came that day instead.

The reason I only get 35 teams is because I made a lot of money but I was very careful. We select only the quintiles that can be eaten, and work on the meat one by one. He said the frying oil was not just cooking oil, but was under development. Mr. Baek Jong-won was asked to advise the representative and was testing. So he was forced to eat the delicious pork.

Ahn, who is called Ice Princess of Don Gas House, was still doing solitary soloing. He taught the president of Ebidongbyeol and said, “Do not let yourself get caught up in the mistake.” I ordered the customer to add rice and say “Please give me warmth”.

Povarter Market The patrons of the Dongas house and the hostess were not just doing business but were doing their best. Do you think there is no taste of such a house porkgars. At the end of 3:30 am, the bosses who had tasted the pork tongue finally said “just another food”. He also said that he was aware of how much he had helped Baek Jong-won. He said, “I’ll let you know if I need anything” because I would like to call and play after watching the broadcast later.

“Would you like to go to another house and have some food? There are foods that question whether this money is worth paying for. We are now selling food, so I would like to make sure that the customers do not care about the money when they serve 7,000 won for our grill and 8,000 won for cheese. I do it with my heart. You have to always think about whether you’re not ashamed of the money and selling when I give you the food. “This one word from the owner of the Dongas house pinpointed exactly where the secret of a good house is. A unwavering commitment and a sincere effort to protect it. Is there any secret beyond that?

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