SBS ‘Baekjongwon’s Alley Restaurant’, which was broadcast on the 8th, is decorated with the last episode of ‘Winter Special’, and the first opening site of the long-awaited pork cutlet restaurant in Jeju Island was revealed.

The pork cutlet started at 11 pm the day before the opening, and it became more popular than ever. In particular, Baek Jong-won surprised Kim Seong-ju and Jung In-sun by surprisingly confessing, “Our mother-in-law lined up. But I can’t eat today.”

The boss, who went to work early in the morning to prepare for the open, was suffering from open stress. Baek Jong-won understood the burdensome feelings of the boss and worried that he would not have slept all night.

However, ‘No. 1 Handicraft’ first appeared in the pork cutlet that was being prepared for the opening, adding to the question. According to Baek Jong-won’s explanation, this young man, the first protégé, came to the pork cutlet every day since he was in a forttor, and asked him to learn.

The boss informed the protégé how to care for Jeju black pigs, and he seriously advised that he should make it with the mind that ‘I will make it as delicious as possible for the guests. You should learn more and try.’ In addition, the disciple’s tumultuous appearance caught the boss’s attention as a strict ‘tiger teacher’, which is hard to see.

Before starting the business, the president made Jeju pork cutlet, which was upgraded to ‘Jeju black pork, custom-made bread powder and special formula oil’, and served it to Baek Jong-won. If it tastes, it’s over. ” Kim Seong-ju and Jung In-sun in the situation room, and upgraded Jeju also tasted tonkatsu, saying, “It’s enough to sell only the bread.”

Soon after, the long-awaited first business began, and the woman boss said, “There are only about 100 pieces that can be made without filling the hall and kitchen staff. We will do our best to increase the quantity as soon as possible.” Received.

In turn, the guests came in, and as the visitors realized the popularity of the upgraded pork cutlet, visitors with various stories attracted attention. From the university student who stayed in the waiting line to study for the night, the guest who had delayed the flight, and the family who attended the ceremony.

After waiting all night, the guests finally got to eat pork cutlet. “It’s another level. I know why you eat me. It’s really delicious and creepy. The meat is so soft and the cheese is alive. It’s the most delicious pork cutlet I’ve ever eaten.” I thought I would never do it, but I think it is possible many times. ” Baek Jong-won, who watched this appearance proudly, expressed his wish, “I hope this will be the starting point and make Tongas the representative food of Jeju.”

After finishing the business in the morning, the pork cutlet was also successful in the afternoon. The man’s boss, who led the painful body and finished the business, said, “I worked with a cough. The president of the woman said, “I’m sorry to see that the waiting line has been increased due to lack of manpower, and I’m sorry.”

On the 20th day of the opening, Baek Jong-won visited the pork cutlet. Baek Jong-won and his wife shared the truth about the rumors of opening a pork cutlet in Jeju Island, saying, “ We are going to franchise in earnest with technology, ” “ I was scouted by a Baek representative company, ” and “ to make a reservation on purpose without making a reservation. ”

The president explained, “As a result of the recruitment announcement, it spread to the rumors of the chain store. There is no franchise plan. We only share technology for Jeju pork gas development.” I will help with the development of Jeju pork cut, and it has nothing to do with the management of pork cutlet. I will only receive rent and not receive any profits or fees. ”

In addition, Baek Jong-won explained why the Internet reservation system can not be sold expensively after booking the hoarding with the automatic reservation program. The woman’s boss actually looked at the wait for the agent and worried, “I’ve seen it many times.

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