Forbanger Dongas, who started the Jeju business, received the best gift. It was the recognition of the guests.

On the 8th, SBS ‘Alley Restaurant’ was opened.

Fortune House Pork Gas House opened a new shop in Jeju Island with the help of Baek Jong-won. Baek Jongwon praised the taste of black pork cutlet made with sincerity.

The pork cutlet wife suffered from depression before appearing in the Alley Restaurant. Depression has come because of the pity that my husband’s cooking is not recognized more than financial matters. My husband was also crying over her confession.

Fortunately, after the relocation of Jeju Island, the pork cutlet achieved a pleasant literary poem. Received the best gift and recognition for the effort.

The first guest lined up from the day before. The pork cutlet wife received an order with a bright face.

Baek Jong-won watched the hall just opened, “It should be good. I think it will be good. ” Jeong In-sun scrambled to Alba to hold her hand.

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