Park Ji-sun appeared on an amazing Saturday again on behalf of Hye Ri. Shin Dong-yop deliberately appeared at the end with Park Ji-sung and gave a laugh saying, “Hyori is dressed as Park Ji-sun.” Boom picked out the reason why Park Ji-sun appeared again, the context, the academic affairs, and the confidence to talk to the singers honestly. Park Ji-sun said, “I am confident if I do not get Zico.”

The guests were Joey and Wendy of Red Velvet. He said to two people who were not sitting next to him, “If you usually come out with me, you would sit next to me. Joe laughed at the reason he sat next to Park Jae-rae, saying, “I told him to show me the New World.”

The song that the members challenged in the first round was Turbo’s “My childhood dream”. Park Ji-rae and Park Ji-sun were confident that it was music of the 90’s. However, Kim Dong-hyun, who scoffed at Turbo’s 3th house, also said, “It seems like I can not eat Dim Sum today.”

When everyone lost hope, Moon Sang-yoon, a strong karaoke band, came out. He suggested, “We can eat all of our strength together.” However, the main character of the single shot was Park Sun-rae, not Moon Se-yoon, and asked, “Can you really eat it again?” So, Moon Se-yoon said, “When did I become the representative?”

But in the end, the members had a chance to hear again. After listening again, the members were different from the first time they heard “I heard”. But the situation of the two guests was different. Wendy laughed openly to reveal his answer, and Kei laughed, saying, “I just said what you want to write.”

The members who were discussing the correct answer went to Moon Se-yoon. Park Ji-sun revealed the answer, and the members agreed, “This seems to be the answer.” However, Moon Se-yoon objected, “I think there was a word before the second sentence began.” The members said, “I have not heard it but I will follow it because Moon Suyun is talking about it.” And Moon Se-yoon said, “I was caught.” However, Moon Se-yoon’s writing was not the correct answer.

Moon Se-yoon became more frustrated after checking the hint. Shin Dong-yeop wrote the whole spacing hint and said, “I really hope that the first word of the second sentence becomes clear.” But the desire was not made, and Park Ji-sun’s first answer was correct. Moon Se-yoon asked Shin Dong-yeop whether his son would watch the broadcast. Munseoyun said, “I do not like dim sum.” He served the members with dim sum.

The guilt of Moon Se-yoon also led to a snack time. As for the snack, there was a tart of the past grade snack. Moon Se-yoon was guilty of buying milk to eat with the tart at mid-break. However, the first answer in the North Korean language quiz was answered, and the members got the initiative. Mun Sye – yun chose a grapefruit that no one would eat, but Shin Dong – yop said, “I do not like fruit, but the only grapefruit is grapefruit.” He bowed his head.


In the second round of the tournament, the member will challenge the song “Bangkok City” by orange caramel. Joey and Wendy, who could not use force in the first round, looked confident when they said orange caramel was a singer. But Joe listened to the song and said, “I thought refrain would come out. I do not know this part.” Suddenly I lost my confidence.

In the second round, 90s played a big role. I wrote all three lines on my answer sheet, and I wrote a similar answer in a year. He completed the perfect answer sheet to receive a single shot, combining the two answers. On the first attempt, it failed unfortunately, but in the succeeding attempt, it succeeded in getting the correct answer, and the members got a taste of chicken ribs.

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