The TVN entertainment program “Amazing Saturday – Doremi Market,” which was broadcasted on the afternoon of the 20th, featured Big Slavi and a spearhead cleaning.

In the first round of the day, the ‘Lion Heart’ of Girls’ Generation was published with Brunch Crook Madam in Iksan Middle Market.

Lavie, who said that she was an average person, and Washing showed confidence. Ravi said that it analyzed “nolto” in the nano unit. Washing also said, “I like to play with the members enough to simulate” Knotto “.

As soon as it was announced, Ravi showed her wandering eyes. In this rabbi, Shin Dong-yeop said, “It is lower than Kim Dong-hyun” and laughed.

As a result of the dictation, the person who got the most lyric was given a one shot shot. The first challenge was a one-shot rinse, but it failed.

The members then used the whole spacing hint. The members who listened to the problem section were divided on the last lyrics ‘no’ and ‘no’. In the second challenge, Pio sang “No” but went back to failure.

Ravi continued to refuse to comment on me and made everyone hard. In the passion of the overflowing rabbi, Moon Seoyun said, “Tell him to do his thing.” He said, “The bread will rot.” Finally, Ravi challenged, but failed.

In the snack round, there was a game where a hot dog was held to meet the famous actor. The members who did not eat the food in the first round showed an extraordinary battle. On the first question, Park earned the correct answer and ate a hot dog. In the last question, Ravi was right and Kim Dong-hyun could not eat snacks.

In the second round, the ‘Complex’ of Toi was put out with the barbecue pot. Moon Se-yoon received one-shot as the person who got the most of the lyrics. At the chance of listening again, Moon Se-yoon and Park Narae used a stethoscope to listen to the song.

The cleaning of the old group added the power and gave the power to the family. Moon Se-yoon, who is the main character of Won-shot, came to the first challenge and got the correct answer. The answer of Moon Se-yoon was the cheers of the members.

On the other hand, ‘Doremi Market’ is a generation transcendental musical entertainment program that plays song dictation game with hot food in the national market. It is broadcast every Saturday at 7:35.

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