On the 18th KBS 2TV ‘Private and Great Animal Privacy’ (hereafter ‘animal privacy’), Moon Geun Young, Kim Hye Sung and Eric Nam, who are leaving to film the wonderful natural scenery of Uijiaa, were portrayed.

In the last episode of the broadcast, the nemesis of the Magellanic penguin, a stalking gull, stole the egg of a penguin. On this day, the bloody battle of thieving gulls also spread. Two female males fight without concessions. The male thief gull continued fighting for a long time, and the stronger females. In the battle of a bloody gull, Eric Nam was surprised that he was “cruel.”

Later, they entered the hostel and began preparing meals. The chef was Eric Nam. Eric man prepared curry and steak. Moon Geun Young was happy with the kitchen aid and helped to cook, “It is delicious even if you smell it.”

And they enjoyed eating outdoors in good weather. Three people seated in a beautiful landscape. Eric Nam said, “It would be great if you live in a place like this for a month or two.” Moon Geun-young, too, agrees, “I do not think so.”

After a short meal time, but healing the picnic atmosphere, they went back to shooting again. The weather was fine, but suddenly the rain started to pour down. Because of the falling rain, the camera for shooting can not be taken out without comfort. After returning to the hostel, Moon Geun Young talked about the direction of members and documentary.

In addition, even though they take a rough shot, they have a hard time but happy times admiring the scenery like a picture book.

On the other hand, ‘The Privacy of Animal’ is broadcasted every Friday at 8:55 pm on a Friday night as a director of a natural documentary, starring in the wonderful and mysterious beauty of nature and the special story of animals living in it.

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