On 14th Broadcasting Comprehensive Channel JTBC New gilt drama ‘Aide – People Who Move the World’ was portrayed by Jang Tae-joon (Lee Jung-jae) and Kang Sun-young (Shin Min-a) in secret love.

Cho Kwang-young (Kim Hongpa) urged party spokesman Kang Sun-young to resign Song Hee-seop (Kim Kap-soo). Song Hee-seop told his assistant Chang Tae-joon, “There is a line of prosecutors on the side of Cho, and it will not be any better if you dig in.” Jang Tae-joon said, “Do not worry too much.

However, Jang Tae – joon ‘s home was also seized. Song Hee-seop said, “Taejun is not the same as before.” However, Chang Tae-joon said, “The person who should worry is a member of Cho Gak-young.

Jang Tae-joon went directly to the charge attorney. Jang Tae-joon said, “It was illegal inspections of reporters, chief engineers, incumbent lawmakers and Supreme Court judges without warrants.

Jang Tae-joon told Song Hee-seop that he had known for a week before the prosecution investigated. I tried to report it when everything was sorted out. Song Hee-seop said, “Even if you shut up your mouth, you should catch the youngster.” Jang Tae-joon said, “I have nothing to worry about.

After that, Kang Sun-young informed Jang Tae-joon that Cho is doing a legislative-related meeting. Jang Tae-joon asked, “Would you mind?” Kang Sun-young said, “It’s okay.

Then Jang Tae-joon went to the meeting place to find out the problem of the bill prepared by Cho. Cho said, “It is time to change the ship this time.” Jang Tae – joon said, “Thank you, but it seems too late. You should have done such a proposal before moving the prosecution.”

Chang Tae-joon said, “It would be better to be careful. Yoon Hye-won moved to prepare for the press release with notice of Chang Tae-joon’s words.

Jang Tae-joon, who chased Kim Hyung-do, decided to donate money. Song Hee-seop’s office moved busy, but nothing came out. At that time, I came to see an intern interview (KIM Dong-joon) found a connection between Joo Kyung Moon and Cho Kwak Young. Seven years ago, more than 100 million donations were given to Cho Kyoung-young only by the Ilgang business.

It was sponsored by the Split organization, not by personal sponsorship. However, the statute of limitations has passed. Jang Tae-joon said, “There are more things we do not know that the two are still meeting.” Cho said, “Cheeky cubs dare to threaten the active members,” but he eventually held a press conference and declared that he would not run for the presidential contest. That night, Song Hee-seop admitted Chang Tae-joon.

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