Wagons carry huge pieces of sculptures, and various races of merchants are mixed. A boy who reached the Asmal through the Great Wall, witnesses civilization and falls in shock. It is the scene that belonged to 4 times of the cable channel tvN Saturday miniseries ‘Astdal chronicle’ (play Kim Young-hyun Park Sang-yeon, director Kim Won-suk)

Although the Astral Chronicle is a fantasy, it was preceded by a modifier called ‘the first Korean epic drama’. Before the nation and civilization settled down, however, it is relatively sophisticated to build a marketplace. Asura is a scene where the imaginary space is the background, but the age of appeal is the background and the background of the Joseon era is the background.

◇ A strange world with everything except nothing

Tagon (Jang Dong Gun) asks Taehaah (Kim Ok-bin), ‘Did you have me?’ The silver islands (Song Jung-ki) with a mixture of human and dissimilar blood dream and the Han people are wondering. This is because the concept of ‘love’ or ‘dream’ does not exist. In addition, it emphasizes the unfamiliar world for viewers by introducing newly established terms such as two daughters and Nirah.

At the same time, the ‘winners of civilization’ appear casually. This is the elevator that makes it easy to climb up and down the wall that took ten years, the majestic stone building, and the hut that looks stronger than the barracks of today’s soldiers. The concept of time is also clear. Unlike Eun Sam which says “I watched the full moon four times”, Tagon complains, “What is my time in 20 years?”

Fantasy comes from a tightly designed worldview. The movie ‘Avengers’ series, which is synonymous with world view, was made possible by Marvel Comics’ graphic noble accumulated over the years. “The Lord of the Rings” or “Harry Potter”, a film that is synonymous with fantasy, is also based on an original work of massive volume. Thanks to this, a delicate but coherent worldview can be constructed that seems to exist. It is a result of a lot of time and manpower, simply from the cost issue.

The “Astral Chronicles” is not original. I did not borrow tales or fables. Instead, I have the settings of ancient fantasy that I have seen. There is an offensive charge of 54 billion won, but there is no detail to attract the fantasy “virtues”. In viewers who experience various well-made fantasy water, conflicting settings and accessories in the Astral Chronicle hinder their immersion. It does not mean that anything is allowed because it is a hard age. It should be under the world view. However, the character group is massive and complicated to attract the viewers ‘Muggle’ (meaning ‘ordinary people in terms of’ Harry Potter ‘) rather than’

Attractive three-dimensional character ◇ … Judeo Oh eyes

However, it is early to conclude that ‘Astral Chronicle’ is ‘failure’. It is because the characters are attractive enough because they are covered by the shortcomings of drama. If Eunsam is a growth character to lead the middle and lower classes, at present, Tagon is the most stereoscopic person. Targon, with its excellent skills and mastery, obtains overwhelming support from its members and tribal members. It is also a tragic destiny to face an endless political battle with the rejection of his father, San Woong (Kim Seong-sung). Although Taeha reveals his sincerity, it can not be done at will. It is a double person who is colder than anyone but has a hotness.

There is also a Jewish writer in Razu Station who made an impressive impression with only one appearance. Ragaz, a brain-attacker with blue eyes in a multi-faceted appearance, fought fiercely against Tagon’s forces. Judeo’s unique mystical masks combined with the fascinating charm of the characters brought immersion. The consonants and vowels were rearranged in order to add a feeling of exoticness to the finished brain.

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