MBC Everyone’s ‘First Time, Korea’s First Time’, which aired on the 29th, depicts the Korean travel history of the Australian four-member rock band 5 Seoconds Of Summer (5SOS).

After a long flight, 5SOS held a magazine photo shoot and interview on the first schedule without a break. After the fan meetings and performances that followed, the company spent a restless time meeting with the company, shooting video clips, and broadcasting live on the radio.

5SOS was given a day’s rest in a murderous schedule, and members began to plan their own trips. They decided to use the subway, but had trouble getting a ticket. Afterwards, I bought a ticket with the help of a pedestrian and arrived safely at Gwangjang Market.

When they arrived at Gwangjang Market, they ordered dumplings, mung bean pancakes, rice cake ribs, and octopus bibimbap to showcase their storm food. In particular, they showed delicious eating of unfamiliar octopus bibimbap. 

Next, 5SOS visited a record store. In an earlier interview with the production team, Callum expressed his mind that “I would like to buy an album made in Korea when I have the opportunity.” I was also looking forward to seeing their albums in Korean stores.

Members scattered around and started looking for albums, and they found one of their remaining debut albums and purchased them directly. Following the purchase of BLACKPINK and BTS albums, they were excited.

He then visited a tea house in Insadong and held tea time. The members watched the clerk follow the car and said, “I thought I was hypnotized.” In particular, Michael presented his 5SOS album to the clerk who kindly responded.

5SOS also visited a souvenir shop in Insadong. They bought socks, Korean paper, seals and mother-of-pearl, and looked satisfied. Finally, I went to L Tower to see the whole view of Seoul, and laughed at the height of the skyscraper.

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