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‘Money Game’ Lee Sung-min killed Jung Dong-hwan, who interrupted himIn the first TVN tree drama ‘Money Game’, which was broadcast on the 15th, Hur Jae (Lee Sung-min) pushed Chae Byung-hak (Chang Dong-hwan) ‘s father, Chae Byung-hak (Jung Dong-hwan) from the cliff. On that day, Heo gave a lecture in the civil service training center. Then he asked Lee Hye-jun (Sim Eun-kyung), “Why did you become a public servant? Lee Hye-jun responded, “I wanted to be a necessary person for the weak in our society.” Lee Hye-jun “I will ask you. Vice president said that he felt angry at the seniors during the financial crisis, and then what kind of senior is he?” Huh Jae replied, “What does that mean?” . Huh Jae replied, “I’m a senior. I’m no comment. It depends on the will of the economic person. Meanwhile, Chung In Bank, which had a 51% stake in the government, was in bankruptcy crisis, and the National Assembly’s National Assembly audit was held. Chae, Lee-Hun, the head of the Financial Services Commission, was appointed on behalf of the Financial Services Commission. Then, I was asked about Jung In Bank, which is in danger of bankruptcy. Chae Lee Heon answered “Yes” to the question “Is the government prescription wrong after all?” The remarks made the intestines drunken, and afterwards, Chae Lee-Hun was scolded for making a chairman of shit before the people. In addition, criticism was poured out on the chairman and Hur Jae was mentioned as the next candidate. Heo Jae-jae, who finished the lecture, heard that he was mentioned as a strong candidate for the chairman of the Financial Services Commission. But Huh Jae smiled while reading his article in the car. Eventually, the Chairman of the Financial Services Commission arranged his position, and the vice chairman Huh Jae-hun called Chae Lee-Hun. I asked. When Chae Lee-Hun shared his opinion, Heo Jae-Hun said, “I have a plan to break down.” Chae Lee-heon said, “I can be criticized,” Heo Jae-ho said, “I do not know who is standing in front of me. Will you be with me? Chae is my man now.” However, Hur had a conflict with Chae Byung-je on this issue, and after a while, he followed Chae Byeong-hak’s promenade, which had avoided his contact. Hur Jae asked, “Do you go to the Blue House. Please do not disturb this time.” But Chae Byung-hak said, “It’s too unstable as an economic bureaucracy. I don’t understand the autonomy of the market.” Huh said, “In some cases, even strong government intervention is necessary.” Chae said, “It’s a weapon.” Huh Jae, angry, pushed Chae Byung-hak from the cliff, shouting, “Please stay still.”

In the first TVN tree drama ‘Money Game’, which was broadcast on the 15th, Hur Jae (Lee Sung-min) pushed Chae Byung-hak (Chang Dong-hwan) ‘s...
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