On the 28th, MBC drama ‘Bad Detective’, Seo Ji-im (Kim Ki-cheon), who worked at the factory operated by her adopted parents, came to the Cheongwon Police Agency. I confessed to Woo Tae-seok (Shin Ha-gyun), “I killed the Hong-gu and Park Jeong-suk.”

“I am the person who sent the crime tool,” he said, “I killed him.

Woo Tae-seok said, “Why did you come to me?” “I heard that my ability is the best,” said Seo.

Woo Tae-seok asked, “To whom?” “I am an old man who is going to be tomorrow, but I am very bright,” he said. “I do not know that he is the best.”

When asked why he killed him, the chief said, “He worked 20 years in the sink factory, and after he filed for bankruptcy, he told me to take the property and give me the pants, and he slaughtered me and pretended to give me some big grace.” .

Woo Tae-seok said, “People who have been tolerated for 20 years continue to live,” said Suh. “I was recently diagnosed at the hospital. It was so bad that I killed him. ”

I asked him how he was murdered. Seo kept calmly and serially talking about the killing process.

The detectives who watched it said, “There may be an accomplice,” “I seem to explain the crime,” and “Hammer bought Eunseon ash.”

Lee Moon – ki (Yi Kwon – won) found a CCTV screen with scenes where Eun Seon Jae bought crime tools.

Eun Seon Jae (Dean) watched the case of Woo Tae Seok investigating the adoption case. He then submitted his resignation to the company and arranged his house.

An accident occurred when the hospital director of Hangil Gil Hospital fell off the high level. Ji Ho’s mother Hwang Suk-jung (Hwang Suk-jung), who had vengefulness in the hospital’s hospital due to his son Ji Ho who lost his life in a medical accident, was suspected of being a criminal. This case was also taken by Woo Tae Suk.

Woo Tae-seok, a teacher at the school, said, “Ji Ho’s nickname was sandbags.” Also, the emergency room doctor had already arrived at the hospital in a state of hopelessness and found out that the hospital director continued the emergency treatment of Ji Ho who had already died to conceal his son’s violence.

Woo Tae Suk met Hwang Kyung Hwang. Hwang, who had already known, said, “I’ve been dragging around every day for three years, and they are not demons but demons.” Ji-ho recorded all the sounds of the time he was beaten. Hwang Kyung-kyung handed this data to Woo Tae-suk.

Woo Tae-seok was quoted as saying, “I was at home at the morning of the death of my lieutenant, not a criminal.”

Eunsun ash visited the area. Eunsun Jae said, “It is true that you killed our parents.” Seo replied, “Uh, I killed him.” Eun Seon-jae said, “I did not know anything.”

EunSe-jae said, “Well, I can hate your uncle, you’re ready to die in your life. Seo trembled in fear and said, “Yes, I will take it to the grave.”

At this time, Lee Moon-ki (Yi Kwon-won) said to Oh Tae-seok, “I found a witness.

Oh Tae-seok called Seoju and said, “Why do you want to be a murderer instead of ash?” Seo said, “It will be hard to bear, it is the only way to pay the price you and I have for the pre-existing period.

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