The TVN ‘Spain Lodge’, which was broadcast on 17th, depicted a car, a ship, and a trio, which started last business after leaving 11 guests of the pilgrimage of the highest number last week.

Cha Seung-won, Bae Jeong-nam and Huh-jin were worn out after introducing the war course of the previous class. I rubbed rice in the remaining rice cake soup and worried about the next morning.

The next morning I had to prepare seven beef stew. But Cha Seung – won, who got to work early in the morning, warmed up the finished station with ease. I found out that I prepared everything the day before. In particular, Cha Seung Won carefully prepared his meal at 1 o’clock in the morning according to his own secret that “it is delicious as it boils long”.

The production team said, “I will prepare breakfast for 7 servings now”. Baejeonnam said, “I can get a lot of help from my brother because I’m promoted.” Cha Seung Won also gave a hearty smile saying, “I’ll help you soon.”

The Italian pilgrims who did not apply for breakfast came down to the restaurant and after seeing the Korean pilgrims eating, they asked if they could eat it. The Italian pilgrim, who calculated it as if he had waited, said, “I want to know what it is.” He raised his curiosity about Korean food. It turns out that he was a pilgrim who fell in love with kimchi the night before. He fell in the charm of his first Korean breakfast, eating beef soup, pickled squid, and Kim.

After seeing all 11 pilgrims, the boarding house was quiet again. Three people enjoyed resting in their own way. Hwaseon enjoyed the pilgrimage course by running, and Cha Seung-won ran a bicycle to find a local gym. 4.7km without stopping, Yun Hae-jin had a smile on her face again with the pilgrims.

The employees who ate lunch with tuna kimchi stew, said that “it can be the last time in life,” and raised expectations for customers to visit for the last business.

Before the last sales, the evil person had to run the “washable black” and cleaned one more thorough. Cha Seung-won and Bae Jeong-nam mounted their sunglasses and wore them all together. The two also shared the last greetings with the people in the neighborhood that I had known about.

Waste, Wifi, Kimchi refrigerator, Open-close signs, Shower baskets, Slip-resistant signposts, Yellow arrows, Pot stand. Sharing box, and a signpost during sales. The evil person trembles with the history of ‘Ikeo’ which was short but long, together with the head of the park. Suddenly, the camera suddenly unfolded. The director of the Park, who took on the role of a pilgrim for the Korean pilgrims who was tired and tired by the direction of the evil person, did all the power of the whole body, but soon returned to Baejeongnam where the ‘Mearcats’ mode was activated. However, with the help of Bae Jeong-nam, Cha Seung-won, he secretly laid out his camera again.

I prepared a lot of boiled mackerel and seafood miso soup, but the pilgrims did not come to stay at the lodge on the last day. When Bae Jeong-nam said, “As soon as I get promoted,” I was sad and asked, “Did you go to the top of the internship?” Cha Seung-won surprised everyone with an extraordinary promotion, saying, “I am moving.” However, Bae, He was demoted to the director and laughed.

The three men sat at the table and enjoyed the last dinner. There were 38 pilgrims in the ‘Spanish lodgings’. Bae Jeong-nam said, “I am glad that there are 11 people at the end,” but Baejongnam said “I am proud.”

On the other hand, in the director’s version of “Spain Halls” which will be broadcast next Friday (24th), the behind-the-scenes stories of “Seasons of Spain” .

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