Culinary researcher Baek Jong-won verified the retro chicken house, potato soup house, and red bean kalguksu restaurant located in Hongje-dong Cultural Village.

On the 15th, SBS ‘Baekjongwon’s Alley Restaurant’ broadcasted a scene where Baekjongwon challenged to save the commercial area of ​​Hongje-dong Cultural Village.

Baek Jong-won visited Retro Chicken House on that day and ordered fried chicken, seasoned chicken, and rib meat. Retro chicken restaurant’s simmering gourd has become so popular that regular customers were worried that the menu would disappear due to the appearance of ‘Alley Restaurant’. Baek Jong-won also criticized fried chicken and seasoned chicken, and admitted the taste of simmered ribs.

Baek Jong-won’s second visit was a potato soup house run by his mother and son. The son of Potato House watched the video on the tablet for hours even with the camera installed, and the mother stayed in the room inside the store.

Baek Jong-won pointed out the attitude of the two, and eventually the crew dispatched the staff to observe how the guests were treated. The son of the Potato House finished watching and watched the video again while the customer was eating.

Since then, Baek Jong-won tried the potato soup, pointing out the old ingredients. The mother of Potato Soup said, “It’s better when it boils. There are no guests coming.” Put.

Baek Jong-won said, “Potato has been boiled for a long time. Sirae has a taste of trash. It’s all because it’s old. There are two ways. Do you say? “

Furthermore, Baek Jong-won said, “Why do you care about your mother alone. You should have worried with your son.” Fortunately, Baek Jong-won praised the fried rice for its deliciousness and stressed that the mother and son of the Potato House should think about how they operate together. In the process, Potato Soup was reminiscent of the Potter Market Market Hat.

Lastly, Baek Jong-won’s shop was the red bean soup. Baek Jong-won looked at the menu and wondered about the price of red bean onions on the rise, ordered clam kalguksu and red bean onions.

In addition, the husband of Red Bean Knife Soup moved to the situation room before his wife and said that the store is generally operated by his wife’s decision. At this time, my husband was curious about disagreements with his wife

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