On the day, President Banggas Dongas appeared in the kitchen as a hoard. Then a man stood next to his boss. The first disciple of the president of the fortune-tender pork cut shop. Baek Jong-won introduced, “he was a disciple who had asked me to teach pork cutlet since I was in the forrest.” 

The boss pounded the pork cutlet and pulled out the iron hammer. The boss said, “The black pigs in Jeju Island are so thick that you should not use an existing hammer.” The boss stood side by side with the disciple and began to pound the meat. 

When the pork cut was completed, the crew recommended Baek Jong-won to try. But Baek Jong-won said, “I’m an investor, so I have to try it first, but I’m worried because the line is too long.” 

Baek Jong-won thanked the customers who lined up the pork cutlet shop and explained the pork cutlet. Baek Jong-won said, “I can’t give it to many people because it’s the first business. I’m going to sell only 100 today.” 

Baek Jong-won, who tasted the first tonkatsu, said, “It’s awesome.”  

The pork cutlet has begun to welcome guests. Jeong In-sun was put into a part-time job. Jeong In-sun was surprised to see the interior of the shop. After the setting, the guests were greeted. 

Due to the wide hall, some customers brought in strollers. Seeing this, Baek Jong-won said, “I am proud” and smiled. The guests who stayed up all night together lined up and greeted each other and drew attention. 

The first guest said, “I’m at 11 o’clock.” “I was Jeju Islander, so I originally came at 6:30. I watched in the car and stood in line at 11 o’clock.” The second guest was a couple. The husband drew attention, saying, “I saw the child and my wife waited from dawn.” The wife said, “I would regret if I didn’t eat. 

At that time the first cutlet came out. Jeong In-sun received sirloin cutlet and cheese cutlet in order to serve. Kim Seong-ju, who saw this, said, “I keep eating and think about it.” The guest marveled, “The visuals are so pretty.” 

The customer said, “It’s the tower of pork cutlet I’ve ever eaten.” Another guest said, “I don’t like pork cutlet but it’s really much more pork cutlet.” 

Cheese cutlet cheese was still there. Another customer said, “After this cheese cutlet came out, I had a lot of similar visual cutlet, and it tasted different.” 

In response to the hot response of the guests, Baek Jong-won said, “I know you go fishing at night. If you catch something at night, you will go again. Baek Jong-won explained, “It’s another upgraded taste when you’re with a forrester. 

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