MC Sungjoo monitors the president of the skewer with a monitor and goes down and says, “Is not it a mental shot? I have a part that I understand a little bit. You said you were the youngest son? If you have three older sisters, how old are your older sisters? ” “I am forty – two years old. I am the same age. “

So Kim said, “Are you worried at home? You’ll be very worried. When I cleaned it, I was helped, but my family and I have three sisters. There are many women. There are many daughters. I understand the situation a little bit. I do not want to listen. My son, my sister, was nervous because she could not clean it, so I would like to help her with anything from the family. “

Kim Sung-joo said, “There is a person who helps me even if I do not do it. It is not easy to wake up. The conclusion is that you have to be reminded. When you are thirty, you must make the distinction yourself. It’s not a good opportunity, “he said.” The more the broadcast is repeated, the bigger the bump will be. “

The president of the skewer said, “It is still big. There were more than 100 tokens and dozens of phone calls. “Kim Sung-joo said,” What would be the president of Hong-tak? I still go to work at dawn and take a photo of Katok and send it to Baek Jong-won. “It’s not easy to be straight,” he said. Let’s face it, “he cheered.

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