Girl group bandit debuted.

The debut showcase of Girl Group Bandit (BVNDIT) was held at the Hongdae Move Hall in Mapo, Seoul on April 10.

Bandit is MNH Entertainment’s second production and the first group. Lee Yeon, Song Hee, Jung Woo, Seimyeon, and Seung Won are all composed of five members. They have the qualification of ‘Seunghee Brother Group’, which brings up anticipation from rich boystones to solid performances. 

“The team name Bandit has a big dream,” he said. The bandit is a group that has the same meaning as the team name. I practiced together for about 4 years, and I practiced with the team for about 2 years. It’s a good fit for breathing. “

“My younger brother group” Bandit said, “It was a lot of pressure to be known as the younger brother group of the young man. But thanks to the pressure, I was able to practice more. I had a lot of practice exercises like playing flank and practicing live, “he said.” I usually have a very attentive style. I really appreciate it. Every time a teaser video comes out, a letter is written for each member in a group chat room. I also gave a gift of perfume. Thank you so much. “

As a respected member of the band, Bandit said, “I admire Mamma-no-dan and Non-Tobii. I want to resemble the appearance of the Mamamu seniors who are always enjoying themselves on the stage. “

The title song “Hocus Pocus” is a song about a bandit’s dodgy and sweet spell that catches the crowd. It is impressive that the lyrics of “I can not resist this song when I listen to this song” .

Bandit said, “Merong dance is the point in the title song,” and “When the music video was shot, the director of the agency gave me a bigger thrash of our body in the sense that it was breading. I will work hard without forgetting my gratitude. “

This debut album includes the title track, Be Ambitious!, Which combines the marching and electronic sound of the beginning of the bandit, the warm EP sound and groovy rhythm, and the R & B song, Romance temperature ‘to feel the colorful charm of a total of three tracks was composed.

As a future goal, the bandit said, “I want to work hard with a humble attitude as a newcomer. I want to be a group that always has questions. It would be nice if we could announce our name in a little bit. “

Meanwhile, Bandit’s “BVNDIT, BE AMBITIOUS!” Will be released at 6 pm today (10th).

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