(Park Hee-soon) and Kang In-ha (Cho Jae-hyun) talked with Park Seung-man (Cho Jae-ryong) in the JTBC drama ‘Beautiful World’ The scene was drawn.

On the day of the broadcast, his son, Park, Sun-ho (the other person) crashed on the roof. I was worried about Park, who was not able to contact me. Park Moo-jin (Park Hee-soon) said to the river Inha, “Let me solve three of them.” “I have to take it from now on,” said the tougher one.

I went home and ran to Park Moo Jin and the hospital. Facing the unconscious Park Sun-ho, he was pissed. Tough ‘day was not different from the other day. It was a familiar and ordinary morning without any ominous signs or uneasy feelings. “

Oh Jin-pyo (Oh-seok-seok) asked Oh Jun-seok (Seo Dong-hyun), “Did you have a good relationship with Park Sun-ho?” Then Seo Eun-joo said, “Did you come because of the work so fast?” And said, “I have more information than me.”

Oh Jin – pyo again said to Oh Jun – suk, “I will have a similar kind of love meeting today, and I will meet other children. He said, “Do not be nervous and do not say anything unnecessary. This is not a formal case investigation. You are a minor.

Oh Joon-seok, Cho Young-chul (Kim Joon-hyun), Lee Ki-chan (Yang Han-cheol) and Na Se-jae (Kang Hyun-wook) They said to Oh Jun-seok, “You did it and you did it.” Oh Jun-suk said, “Then you tell the detective, I’ll tell you.” “Anyway, I have nothing to do with this. Listen to me from now on. It’s for you.”

He had a luncheon with Lee Jin-woo (Yun Moon-min), Myeong-Seon (Dong-Woo Min), and Bae Sang-bok (Chung Jae-Seong). In this place, Sang – bok said, “I think my father is a high school teacher, so I can not believe that Park Sun – ho is not suicide. Lee Jin – woo took his seat and said to himself “trash”.

Park Seung-man (Cho Jae-ryong), who is tough, asked, “Do you mean to end with suicide?” Police said, “I will investigate if there is testimony and evidence of suspicion, but I have made a tentative conclusion by attempting suicide.” Then Ms. Park asked me again, “If my preferences were painful enough to die, there must be a reason and I should find the cause.”

Police said, “I suspect school violence, but my friends and teachers told me that my preference was good at school and there was no doubt about it.” He said, “Do you think my son was trying to die for no reason?”

He said, “If you were your son, do you conclude the investigation like this?” The police said, “The police are only investigating according to the principle.”

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