On the 5th, SBS said ‘big issue’ ends 32 times (30 minutes basis). The ‘big issue’ was originally planned for 36 times, but it was decided to finish 32 times.

The ‘big issue’ side is not an early end because it was not confirmed 36 times. An official said, “Normally, mini-series is composed of 16 episodes (32 episodes per 30 minutes). Big episodes were planned to be held 32 times or 36 episodes from the beginning, because the prepared story was available up to 36 episodes.”

‘Big Issue’ starring Joo Jin-mo and Han-Yeul is a drama depicting the secret and fierce paparazzi war that a former photographer and a notorious editor who attracted him to a paparazzi. In particular, Han Ye Sul has recovered from a medical accident since last year and raised more expectations. However, audience ratings were lower than expected. And stayed at 3-4% audience rating.

When the ‘Big Issue’ attracted the most attention, it was 12 times on the 21st last month. There was no CG processing, and it was exposed to the caption of the revision request. This impeded the flow of watching TV dramas. “Big issue” said that CG was not completed due to internal circumstances and apologized for the inconvenience.

This is a sign that the ‘big issue’ is being filmed on the schedule of the first live. In the end, ‘big issue’ was released on the 3rd and the 4th this week, and it was time for reorganization. And it was decided to shrink 32 times.

As the situation got worse, the meaningful article written by Han Ye Sul on the 27th of last month and on the 28th of last month was reexamined. On June 27, Han Yeeseul said, “Let’s feel it all together.” This memorandum notes that this lonely, terrible, and lonely, terrible, wretched, furious.

On the next day, I posted a picture of “Sleeping in the Forest” with the article “Oh my life is hip hop. Why not Disney Princess”. At that time, the agency explained that nothing happened. However, it is difficult to shoot ‘big issue’, so it can be guessed. His writing would have made the tired and tired staff even tired. As a leading actor, responsibility is pointed out.

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