In the SBS drama ‘Big Issue’ broadcasted on the afternoon of the 13th, Seo Hyeon-hyun (Han Ye-seul) said that Han Seok-joo (Joo Jin-mo) is a new family.

Han went to the hospital. However, the nurse said, “There is no one patient in the patient, is not it?” Han Seok-ju saw her daughter Se-eun (Seo-soo) who grew up from child to child at a glance.

He said to Han Seok – ju, “Your family is sick and I am sick, so you are a credit – loser? Han Suk Joo said, “Now that you are sick, you will be better, and God will heal you.”

However, Sehun said, “I did not pray that I would be better, but I prayed that I would take him away soon .. my uncle is okay, I know that I am going to go to God anyway.”

Wife baeminjeong (Choi Song-hyun min) reported hanseokju, “You can not forgive Deception. How’d you find me? Me seeun the heart donor’s waiting for naohgiman that time I have heard the doctors say. When did we seeun it is also now in kindergarten I would have been playing with it, “he said firmly.

Min’s ear, “I can not ever forgive you. All I wanted his daughter, but was a person who gave up everything to lay down for seeun. Will do seeun not appear before it again. Seeun this is gonna die and blaming you “He warned.

Frustrated hanseokju was kidnapped from an unknown party drink alcohol in the gap homeless. The person who kidnapped Han Seok-joo was Seo-hyun. He urged the doctor, “Please hurry up, you have to put it on the line quickly.” The doctor asked Su-hyeon, “What is the relationship with Han Seok-joo?” And Woo-suhyun said, “Han Seok-joo has been abandoned by her family. I am a new family.”

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