On this day, the Sunday Special Communication Team chased the PD in the Arts Council. Ahn PD had a rumor that he moved to the outsourcing company with Midas hand in broadcasting. There were also those who aimed at such Sunday communication. Inspection Chow Woo Jin (Cha Seung Bae) and Kim Myung Jin (Choi Sung Won).

Chang Hyang-jung (Shin Soo-yeol), Hong Tae-woo (Ansehea), Han Seok-joo and Moon Bo-young (Yang Hee-ji), who waited for An PD, caught an PD not drinking and catching a steering wheel. Those who waited in the parking lot of An PD first witnessed a scene where director Oh Sang-hoon ran to the car of An-PD.

The assistant who heard the accident sound outside was worried that An-PD would be drunk driving, and he caught the steering wheel. Han Suk Joo was still shooting this. After that, Han Seok-joo said to Choo-hyun, “CCTV to head to the entrance of the parking lot was heading for another place. Oh Sang-hoon rushed to the car as he already knew.”

Seo Young-mi (Park Sun-mi) confirmed that Seo Hyun-hyun was self-defeated and went to meet someone. At that time, Han Seok-ju found out that someone else was watching them in the photographs taken.

Han Seok-ju, who stopped the exposition, said, “You should not go in here.” Someone was watching at the scene of the accident. However, Susumu Hyun said that the appointment time had expired, and Han Seung-joo entered the shop first and grasped the dynamics.


Han Seok-joo said, “You should not go in. It’s a perfect noose.” However, Woo-hyun said, “I will be careful.” Eun-Hyun met An-PD and made a picture of a scene accident, and An-PD said, “Do I have to surrender myself to the police?”

Eun-hyun asked, “Do you really want to do that?” “I do not want to worry about this, but if you want something interesting, please do not worry about it,” said An-PD, “So what do you want?”

When he heard this, Chaujin stopped the operation. Kim Myeong-jin said he wanted to bring the photos right away, but Chow Wujin said, “We noticed that we came.

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