In the 31st and 32th episodes of the SBS drama ‘Big Issue’ broadcast on the last two days, Han Seok-joo (Ju-jin-mo) and Woo-hyeon (Han Yeeseul) performed a complete disturbance operation and defeated the black intestine of giant evil. Han Seok-joo, from the representative (Chun-won), secured the villainous picture of the social leader along with the reality of the villa, and he heard black accusations of using it to shake the country. Einna, the representative of Kim Sang-cheol (Lee Seung-hyeong) to take a picture of the photographer to take a sniper always watching the Sunday communication, always threatened to make him worried.

On the other hand, Woo Sue-hyeon (Han Yeeseul), who had a copy of Cho Hyung-joon’s (Kim Hee-won) fingerprints, opened an e-mail account and became aware of hidden secrets. The state we built. However, as soon as the team members succeeded in perfecting the plan and taking pictures, Han Seung – ju betrayed his teammates. Han Seok-ju, who visited me as a villa along with Mayor Kim, made a live broadcast to the Chief Inspector, Chief of Police, and Chow Woo Jin. And when I, who was pouring out the black which I had hidden, knew the existence of the camera, I shot Han Seok-ju and Han Seok-joo collapsed on the spot. However, as soon as I, who was dragged by the commandos, tried to open the cloud on his mobile phone and send a photo, Han Seok Ju appeared and intercepted his representative’s cell phone and sent all the photos to the Sunday communication server and erased all the databases.

All of these operations were actually the ‘big feature’ of Han Suk Joo and Woo Hyun Hyun, who had taken the target from the beginning. In order to avoid eyeballs, Han Seok-joo has betrayed Sunday’s communication and sought help from Kim’s mayor, which was the perfect counterweight to the president. After all the events were completed, I met Seo Eun-hyun, who looks at Cho Hyung-joon in the hospital, and Han Seok-ju, who met her daughter Seun (Su-su), along with Han Seok-ju and Eun-hyun I let the audience cheer. In this regard, I have summarized what was left of the ‘big issue’ which gave tension to the house theater by the fierce paparazzi scene until the end.

▶ Actors and actresses who have renewed their “Life Works”, regardless of their role as the star or supporting actor

The big issue, such as JoJinMo – HanSeul – KimHeeWon – Sin SooRyul, captivated the theater with its full of impact. Joe Jin-moo delicately embraces the action from acting that does not buy the body to the changes of Han Seok-ju’s feelings that go to the extreme, and Han Ye-seul has completely extinguished the editor-in-chief of the crush charm, . Kim Hee-won has rewritten the history of the villain character to the role of Cho Hyung-joon, who plays the wicked part to gain power, and Shin So-yeol, who has been showing the role of plumpness for the time, has broadened the spectrum of acting and acting through different characters through Chang Hye-

In addition, actors Kang Sung Jin, Lim Seung Jang, Park Seon Kim, Kim Seon Soo Lee Kwan Hoon and actresses such as episodes starring in episodes of each episode have raised the perfection of the lively paparazzi world with genuine acting ability.

▶ The scandalous scandal that shook Korea!

Above all, it was the uncommon scandal that drama attracted viewers’ attention in ‘Big Issue’. From the scene of idle gambling and sponsor scandals to the actor ‘s corruption, the main character Han Seung – joo’ s scandal on the camera was the events we had through the news. Especially during the show, the entertainment scandals and sexist scandals that started at the same time as the start of the broadcast were included in the drama. In addition, the photographs taken by Han Seok-ju, as well as the serpu, as well as the public power, made the trembling bewildered. It was the ball of Jang Ryu-lin who wrote the work that was able to capture the ugly scandal of the entertainment industry and the social leaders as if the reality had been transplanted. Jang, who has been planning the work for two years before, has already completed the writing of eight episodes (16 times) since the broadcast, and became a driving force to draw a paparazzi figure that follows the scandal scandal.

▶ The vivid paparazzi scene, the problem of the society we live in!

Scene scenes of the paparazzi world racing for a photo and scenes of the society we live in have brought together immersive sensibilities and meticulous performance. In particular, Han Seok-ju, who struggled to become a paparazzi in order to save her daughter, made her sweat on her hands. Han Seok-ju has been working on a train to take a picture, climbing an artificial rock without equipment, and lifting his bare hands on elevator and ventilator passages. In order to bring out the urgency of Han Suk Joo, the fierceness of the paparazzi world, and the problems of the society in which we live, we were able to fully express the vigorous and lively aspects of our ability to express our heart.

The producers said, “All the actors and staffs of ‘Big Issue’ poured out a lot of thought and discussion to show viewers a more lively paparazzi scene.” “The drama is over, I want to be remembered for a long time in a drama that was thrilling and interesting. I am really grateful to the viewers who contributed to the end. “

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