In the JTBC entertainment program ‘Biggin Gain 3’, which was broadcasted on the 1st, the transfer, Taeyeon, Dickpunks Kim Hyun-woo, Baeji, and Paul Kim made their first busking in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Dick 2 Red Pole Tang arrives in Amsterdam with the welcoming sparrows. Amsterdam is an EDM country that has produced a number of famous DJs such as Hardwell and Amin van Buren. Among them, K-pop is also gaining popularity among young people in the Netherlands.

While transferring to the hostel, the transfer showed that “30% of the reasons for accepting ‘biggingain’ were to go to Amsterdam.” Arriving at a cozy and warm hostel like Amsterdam, the members unpacked and arranged their busking trips in their own way. The next morning, the transfer from Berlin suffered from insomnia due to difficulty in time lag. The day fell asleep after a long time. Taeyeon said, “What do you do again. There was something that was unfortunate,” he said of Adel’s ‘When we were young’. I liked it so much that it was a big burden. The members sang ‘When we were young’ again with the acoustic version. Paul Kim selected Yun Mi-rae’s ‘After Time.’ For Paul Kim, she was a slightly tall woman, but she made a nice chord with her collaboration with Taeyeon.

After the practice, the members set up for a full-fledged busking. The first busking place in Amsterdam is Rembrandt Square. Lee said, “When you do busking at the statues of people in the night view of Rembrandt, when will you do it? How would you feel if foreigners were in front of the statue of King Sejong at Gwanghwamun Square?” Taeyeon also said, “The statue was so pretty, I wanted to look at the place,” he said. “I was immersed. I was immersed.”

The first song the members will sing is Byun Jin-seop’s ‘Hope’. Paul Kim’s Kaju performance adds to the plump appeal. The next song is “ It Had To Be You ” by Harry Conic Jr. Lee’s voice and Kim Hyun-woo’s solo solo made the atmosphere even more cheerful. Lee said, “I could because I have Hyunwoo.” Hyunwoo is a pianist who can play jazz completely in his style. “

As the darkness faded, Paul Kim sang ‘Jay’s like yesterday’. Paul Kim said, “I was less nervous in the second half of Berlin. I got used to it. I should sing. I should sing hard. ‘ The next song is ‘If’, which makes Taeyeon the first step as a solo artist. There was also an audience shed tears in Taeyeon’s song. Taeyeon said, “This is where I came from. It’s been a big power to recognize, approve, and respond.”

The next song I chose was Panic’s Snail. Lee said that he chose the song “It is a song that represents youth as a snail going to the sea in search of dreams. I was wondering how it will be accepted.” It was a stage enriched by Paul Kim’s chords. Lee said, “The atmosphere is ‘it’s an atmosphere of being.’ As I said, the atmosphere became hot enough. Following the passionate atmosphere, Taeyeon delivered sweetness with her song ‘Blue’ and her load with ‘The door’.

The last song is Girls’ Generation ‘GEE’. This song can be called the representative song of Girls’ Generation. Unlike the original pop songs, ‘GEE’, which is arranged more calmly in the jazz style, showed a different charm than the existing songs. Easy lyrics also sang fans together. Taeyeon said, “‘GEE’ is the most exciting song to sing in the auditorium,” Kim Hyun-woo said. “Someone even danced.

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