X1’s debut album, ‘Emergency: Quantum Leaf’ (Emergency: QUANTUM LEAP), ranked on the album chart for the second week in September (2-8 days total), and it was normal for two consecutive weeks. I kept my seat.

‘Emergency: Quantum Leaf’ has been sold 8,106 copies last week. On the second day, 6,451,600, 3,6005, 4, 4231, 5, 1677, 6, 5234, 7, 836, and 8, 672 were sold, Hanterchart said. 

Earlier, the album gathered a topic with more than 500,000 cumulative sales on the 2nd, which was one week after its release. The cumulative sales volume for the eighth day was 52,662.

X1 is a team formed through the idol survival ‘Produce X101’ of the music channel Mnet of CJ ENM. They are working on their debut album title song ‘FLASH’.

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