Actually TVN drama “Boyfriend” does not appear very dramatic events. It is the biggest event if it is the case that the representative of the Donghwa Hotel Cha Soo-hyun (Song Hye-gyo) and the hotel publicity team Kim Jin-hyuk (Park Bo Sook) are lovers. The meeting of two people comes to mind and the ‘ordinary life’ of Kim Jin-hyuk is broken. So, Cha, who is less than that, tells him to stay on the street for a while and misses each other in such a long distance.

The process of breaking up and meeting next time is almost one time. Of course, there is a trick by Choi Jin-cheol (Park Sung-Keun), which makes employees send bad messages to Cuba in order to make Chae Soo Hyun difficult, and the plan to build a Donghwa Hotel in Cuba is not going to happen. And the story of Cha Soo-hyun develops. But it is more exciting than the story of flying to Cuba and solving the problem. It is a kiss that the two people share in this area.

This is the color of the authentic melodrama which is the drama of <Boyfriend>. Instead of going to the events, I focus on the emotions of two people, Kim Jin-hyuk and Cha Soo-hyun. There are political events in the company, but the fact that the drama focuses more on those events is the soul of Cha Soo-hyun who is doing it, and there is a case in which Kim Jin-hyuk is sent to Sokcho, but the drama is far away from that focus. It’s a relationship between two people.

So, it is hard to know that Kim Jin-hyeok, who works at Donghwa Hotel in Sokcho, is a reporter for a famous magazine, and that he tried to find the doll that the child lost. I feel it. I do not have a big case, but I want to be good with Cha Soo-hyun and Kim Jin-hyuk are getting bigger and bigger.

Instead of filling in a lot of complicated cases, filling the margins is an emotional line of poetry. In front of the beach in Sokcho, there is a scene where Kim Yeon – su ‘s novel reads “If the wave is a thing of the sea”. Kim Jin-hyuk, who has met Cha Seo-hyun on the beach where the waves are coming, whispers the novel. “It was my job to think of you if the waves were at sea.”

This scene also appears in a passage reading the poem “The Evening” by Kim Kwang-sup, who has seen the picture of Kim Hwan-ki, who was exhibited in the inner circle of the bridge. ‘A star in the midst of so many looks down on me. I look at one of the stars among many. ” This poem awaits the master of the garden in Cuba. Even though it is apart, it is a letter expressing the connected Cha Seo Hyun and Kim Jin Hyuk.

In fact, it can be flat because a big incident does not take place, but <Boyfriend> fills the empty space with feelings and sorrows and joys of Cha Seo Hyun and Kim Jin Hyuk. The poetry plays a role of deepening the line of emotion, and perhaps the writer seems to think that this sensitivity is an important competitiveness in the present society. After all, it was true that I was able to meet the owner of the garden in Cuba and solve the misunderstanding and make the hotel business again.

Cha Soo-hyun and Kim Jin-hyeon both feel the power of driving the whole of the drama. In fact, if it were not the delicate emotions of these two people, could it be possible? Exaggeratingly saying that looking at two people is not enough to hear this drama.

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