In the TVN drama ‘Boyfriend’ broadcasted on the 23rd, Cha Seo-hyun (Song Hye-kyoon) was depicted as saying farewell to Kim Jin-hyuk.

Cha Jong-hyun (Moon Sung-Keun) confessed his conscience in order to completely remove Taekyung from Suhyun. Suhyun worried about her father, and Jinhyuk decided to keep her by Suhyun.

However, Suhyeon worried aboutJinhyeok and the damage his family would receive, and eventually told Jinhyuk farewell.

Suhyun said, “Let’s break up, we’ve been thinking for a long time, it’s not because of Jin’s mistake, nor because we lack love. “I said goodbye.

“I do not understand why my father is having a hard time, I have to keep you by yourself, I promised to do that, so do not say that,” Suhyun said, It is a miracle that all the days I have met with Mr.I do not want to break this miracle.Jin Hyeok keeps a lot, so I am going to stop here. ” Jinhyuk tears down and says, “Why are you forsaken me?” And Suhyon said, “I am sorry to send you.”

Unable to accept a sudden separation, Jinhyeok ran toward Suhyeon, but Suhyeon was not contacted.

Jinhyuk suffered a terrible breakup. When I left the company with my body, I walked alone on the street, and the storm tears shed. Suhyun told her that she would go to Cuba, saying, “I will go to Cuba soon after my father’s work is finished.

The master of Jinhyeok (Paek Jiwon) confessed to Kim Jang Soo (Shin Jung Geun) that he met Suhyon and asked him to leave Jinhyuk. The lecturer said, “I can not regret it, but now it will be difficult, but all will be forgotten.” “He said. However, Jinhyeok heard this conversation, and Ahn Jin-hyeok was shocked that his mother and Suhyun met late.

In that way, Jinhyeok hugged Seohyun. Jinhyuk said, “Why did not you say that I met my mother?” However, Suhyun said, “I did not want to break up because of that, so I decided.

“I do not want to do that,” she said, “but I can not live with my money.” I want to go out with the simple and pretty blue. ”

However, Jinhyuk repeatedly said, “I think that you love me because you represent a fairy tale hotel. Everyone is different. It is love that others do not resemble. Do not do this. I’m not sure I’m tired of the precious people, I’m sorry I can not do it, “Jinhyeok said.

Suhyun, separated from Jinhyuk, was ready to leave for Cuba. Kim Sun-joo (Kim Hye-eun) announced this fact to Jin-hyeok and asked, “Your delegate is leaving Cuba for a long time.

“I do not know what to do, but I do not know what to do,” he said. “I do not know what to do,” he said. did.

Jinhyuk, who was suffering, finally made a decision to divorce Suhyeon. Jinhyeok, who was writing his resignation solo, recalled memories of Suhyun.

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