After a long time in the show, Cain humbly said he wanted to raise awareness. Cain said, “If you search for Cain, you will only see Song-in.” “I want to catch up with Songa-in,” he said.

Many stars sent congratulations on the news of Beagirl’s appearance of Bis. Hwang Bo, Yoon Il Sang, Jang Yoon Joo, and Han Seung Yeon cheered on B-girl’s comeback. Narsha said, “We’ll be celebrating the release of this album,” he said.

Cain recalled memories of Kara Han Seung-yeon. “I worked with Kara at a difficult time,” said Cain. “The practice room was used together because it was one of them. Kara cared for us a lot. We talked a lot and got close.”

Beagirl’s comeback was delayed because of Cain. “It’s because of me that 90% of my comeback is late,” Cain said. I learned to sing. I spent a lot of my personal time. “

Zea and Ryo also had a busy time during the gap. Zea moved to Jeju. Mi-Rio started running game broadcasting and personal video channels.

B-girl’s new album is a remake album that reinterprets past songs with their own colors. Beagirl has created the basis of Basis’s ‘Why I Forgot Me’ and Jo Won-sun’s ‘Wonder Woman’ in their own colors. Narsha wrote, “The goal is to make our own colors and work hard.”

B-girl also released solo songs by member. Zea called Kim Kwang-jin’s ‘Letter’, Narsha’s Lim Hyun-jung’s ‘Love is like spring rain, farewell is like autumn rain’, Son Ga-in’s ‘She knows nothing but love’, and Mi Ryo’s ‘Invitation’. In Yoo’s ‘invitation’, Uhm Jung-hwa featured herself and raised the dignity of the song.

Veagirl said he would sing ‘Six Sense’ live on stage if he did all the charts. Zea promised, “I will sing ‘Sense Sense’ live as it is.”

Narsha apologized to Nael at the time of his debut. Narsha sent a note apologizing to the group name Brown Eyed Girls through Myspace at the time. Nael replied to Narsha that he was okay.

At the time of her debut, she was predicted to have a faceless singer concept. But one week before the broadcast was decided to appear suddenly appeared. Beagirl’s broadcast debut visuals were shocking. Miryo confessed, “because there was that time, we can decorate us.”

Breagal also had a difficult trainee. Without a place to stay, Beugal stayed with her in a narrow home. Cain put his name on the food to keep his personal snack. Zea also had to walk to save 500 won to get home.

Beagirl was a group that produced many hits. He was recognized as an idol with the best skills by singing ‘something’, ‘love’, ‘abdada dabra’, ‘sign’ and ‘sense’. Zea said, “It was hard to digest the cute concept at the time of the 2nd album ‘sometimes.'” Son Ga-in also had to wear stockings in various colors while doing ‘love’ activities.

Beagirl did not like the third album ‘Abda Cadabra’. Narsha confessed, “Before, I was a vocal-focused group. Miryo refused to dance the pelvis in the Abdakadabra. “I didn’t know I couldn’t dance in the middle of ‘Abda Cadabra’,” she said.

Beagirl then relived the hit stage at that time. Instead of worrying, Beagirl revived the memories with the choreography he remembers. 

It was time to listen to her. Zea said she didn’t fit Ryo, and she confessed that she didn’t fit all members. Miryo said, “I’m very serious,” he said “excessive.” Cain also said that the first impressions of other members were scary. “I met my sisters with a bloated dream, and it was like a school teacher,” he recalled.

Narsha confided in the members. Narsha said, “I’m married and my friends don’t put it in.”

Miryo said he can digest solo songs ‘Piripapa’ better than Narsha. But Ryo smiled as she lost her confidence in front of Narsha. Narsha was “bad” and “I think it’s a real rapper,” he said. Miryo promoted the event as a solo, not as a group.

Cain confessed that Super Power was created through the B-girl activities. “I’m the only daughter, so there’s no clue,” Cain said. 

Zea, Narsha, and Cain also explained disagreements about each other. Zea said, “There is a story that we hit Cain, but it’s ridiculous.” Finally, Zea and Cain burst into tears. “My sister is the strongest when something serious has happened.” Zea also added, “It’s so good to be active and I’m crying because I’m happy.”

Zea did not forget to promote the new song. Zea said, “You have to listen to a lot of music so you can come back every six months.” Narsha confessed, “We’re steamed,” and “You’re a steamed fan.” Cain said, “Because I saw it while I was resting,” Bis is the greatest. “

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