In his Video Star, Cain revealed his goal.

In the MBC Everyone Entertainment Program ‘Video Star’, which aired on the afternoon of 29th, the girl group Brown Eyed Girls appeared as a guest and talked variously. In addition, the song writer Kim Nana participated as a special MC instead of Park Narae.

Brown Eyed Girls overcame the 10 years of going through the dismantling process after more than 7 years of ‘Idol Jinx’ and became a long-lived girl group for 14 years. Kim Sook admired, “4 years is really great.”

Among the songs of Brown Eyed Girls, there are a variety of masterpieces, such as ‘Whatever’, ‘Sixth Sense’, ‘Sign’, ‘Abracadabra’, etc. “I was proud.

Narsha laughed about Kim Inna’s special MC as part of this recording, saying, “All or nothing. The MCs asked if there was anxiety, and everybody hit the head with Zea’s “I’m not in danger” and said there was nothing wrong. However, Kimina embarrassed the members with a bright smile and said, “Everyone will think so.”

Cain said, “Songa-in is a big hit these days. My goal today is to catch up with him.” Cain said that 90% of Brown Eyed Girls’ comebacks were late. “I spent my personal time with my family. I had vocal lessons. I don’t know how long I can dance.”

Cain was also the youngest, and he did not hesitate about his sisters. As Cain prepared for this activity, she said, “When I talked about it in the past, my sisters reacted immediately. “I confessed to the laughter.

Meanwhile, several stars also congratulated Brown Eyed Girls for a long time. Hwang Bo, composer Yoon Il-sang, model Jang Yoon-ju and Kara Han Seung-yeon expressed their excitement for the comeback of Brown Eyed Girls.

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