Brown Eyed Girls Narsha and Miryo have appeared in Doremi Market as a guest, and have successfully conquered One Two’s ‘Ja Ass’ and Space Girl ‘Boogie Up’.

Brown Eyed Girls’ ryo and Narsha appeared on tvN ‘Surprise Saturday-Doremi Market’ which aired on the 23rd.

On this day, the Doremis challenged to match the household chores of the Seoul Songhwa Mural Market. In the first round, he put on cream polpetta pasta and started to beat the lyrics of ‘two-ass’.

Prior to the dictation, Narsha expressed confidence that “I will show you clearly today”. While the members danced to the song, “I don’t know where to write it.” I wrote all the verse lyrics and left the part to be corrected. 

The Doremis worked together to infer the lyrics after the second challenge and were able to eat ‘Cream Polpetta Pasta’.

The second round was “ Boogie Up ” by Space Girl. The food was ‘seafood tofu stew’. 

Mi-ry expressed confidence in correcting the lyrics, but when Hye-ri, who was not herself, received a ‘one shot’, the crew suspected that she was notifying Hye-ri with the correct answer.

After a suspicious controversy, the Doremis focused again on the lyrics. They made the final attempt after repeated failures. However, writing ‘You’ve got a feeling’ and ‘You’ve got a feeling’ failed with just one letter difference.

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