In SBS ‘Burning Youth’, which aired on the evening of 29th, the story of new friend Lee Ki-chan and the unbelieving family began in a small house next to Pohang Sea. 

Choi Sung-guk said to the youngest, Bruno, “Who will come and get a bag?” Bruno noticed that Choi’s hairstyle had changed and asked if she had cut her hair. Bruno, hesitant at the question of whether he brought clothes from the dressing room, left a bleak answer to the words “not your clothes.”

Seongguk, who was looking into the room, said that he had a piano in his house and said, “Isn’t it the first house with a piano?” Soon after saying, “Sungkook, you’re cool” with the nickname of the Spanish wife, Sungkook was embarrassed and stopped playing.

In this trailer, the previously broadcasted piano player became more interested in new friends, and Gi-chan, who appeared with his face covered with the appearance, was passing by a pedestrian who was passing by while Pohang Sea was filming “Are you a cold singer?” It was forcibly made public. 

On behalf of Kubon-seung, Kuma-jung, who meets his friends, Bu-yong and Do-kyun headed for a cafe. Bu-yong was a friend who saw her at seventeen.

Bu-yong then tutored tweezers, which can be seen well by the families. “Sungguk likes the sound that his brother is well dressed,” Ki-chan said, “I’ll tell you that the southern part of the flower was good last time.” Remembering that, “You have a lot to eat.” 

Do Kyun recently said that he has reduced the amount by thinking about health and he is on a lettuce diet. Ki-chan said, “I’ve taken care of all the unwelcome times.” Cho Han-hana was chosen as the most wanted person to see. The first meeting was snowing, and I was very impressed by the scenes where I was dancing. 

After arriving at the hostel, Do Kyun said he would like one of them to take the kichan, which is hiding near the hostel. Regardless of the ensuing question offensive, one couldn’t hide the excitement, saying, “You don’t have to wear a dress.” Ki-chan said he likes to dance as an insatiable fan. 

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