The SBS entertainment program ‘Burning Youth’, which aired on the afternoon of the afternoon, contains members of chaos footballs.

On this day, the members decided to put together a dinner and have a foot-foot game. Kim Kwang-gyu said, “I have never lost because of the foot ball.” Choi Sung-guk suggested, “There are two athletes (Jae Hong Park, Lim Oh Kyung). They are divided into two.

Thus, the Hong Hong team and the Pentateuch team were divided. Female members, however, were allowed to use the hands or head to pass the ball. But there was a strange problem. Rather than hitting the ball with his hands, he catches it and throws it.

Park Sun-young turned over the ball in that way and laughed. Kim Kwang-gyu complained, “Make me weird,” and Choi Min-yong burst into laughter, asking, “Did you play basketball?” In fact, Park Sun-young entered the gym as a basketball specialty student.

Park Sun-young’s activities seemed to lead the team a little, but Jae-wook’s new friend Jung Jae-wook changed the game. The team also replaced the player. However, when the Peninsula team tried to replace two players, Park Jae-hong objected. “I see you again, Jaehong? Can’t you see the seniors among the seniors?”

Since then, players have been replaced and the ‘Low World Football’ has begun. The members began to catch the ball and throw it to each other without any rules, and it became like a dodgeball and a basketball. The members finally sat down and laughed at the combination of various existing ball games.

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