According to the community on Pusan ​​National University (Maipinu) on the 26th, ‘ID X’ is a scholarship that gives people who work hard because they cannot study.

ID ‘XXXPNU’ announced that the scholarship rules were changed in 2013, not just before the candidate’s daughters were paid. said.

However, many students feel deprived even if they have provided scholarships according to the regulations.

Students using ID ‘XXX123’ said, “External scholarship exemption rule is to prevent financially difficult or part-time students who are not specific students from studying.” I don’t understand that I have been awarded a scholarship for three consecutive years. “

ID Gung Xmee said, “There is no problem because there is a provision of medical personnel, but the scholarship regulations are not a problem with the whole school regulations that limit grades.”

“Students who worked hard to earn grade scholarships felt deprived because the expensive tuition was expensive.”

The Busan University Candlelight Promotion Committee will hold a candlelight rally to clarify the suspicion of Cho’s daughter in the school on June 28 at 6 pm.

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