MBN ‘Can We Love Again’ (hereinafter ‘Udasa’), which aired on the afternoon of the 8th, was released to date on Jeju Island between Park Young-sun and Professor Bong Young-sik.

Park Young-sun acted as a guide and led Bong Young-sik. They seemed to announce a smooth start with their carts and sleds, drawing a sweet atmosphere.

Bong Young-sik and Park Young-sun traveled to the next destination and talked about their first stop just after divorce. Bong Yeong-sik said, “After returning home, I went to the church diligently. But one day I missed my way to the cathedral.” Park Yeong-sun said, “Because he was not insane,” he said. Park Young-sun resonated that he had ever done so. Bong Yeong-sik said, “That was harder than I thought.”

Bong Yeong-sik read a book on ‘How to fight well’ and said, “I apologize for sorry because you are upset. I am sorry.” Park Young-sun asked, “What are you sorry for?” Bong Yeong-sik did not understand, “It’s the same. I was creepy.” Park Young-sun confessed that it is not acceptable to apologize without knowing why he is sorry.

The two became situational at each other’s point of view. Bong Yeong-sik was frustrated saying, “I need to talk,” and Park Young-sun said he didn’t want to argue any more. Bong Yeong-sik said, “It’s better to just close the door and enter the room.”

Park Young-sun, who did not accept Bong-young’s apologies and hardened his expression, gave a touch of reconciliation after a while. Park Young-sun, who arrived at the theme park for his memories, looked at the camellia flowers and thought about the lines in the drama. Park Young-sun confessed, “I wish I could have warmed up slowly like cooking with Kim,” and Bong Young-sik replied, “I will not disappoint you.”

Soon Park and Bong Yeong-sik borrowed uniforms in their memories, and enjoyed a closer time. Park Young-sun and Bong Young-sik ate together and added questions to the hostel.

On that day, Park Eun-hye visited her aunt’s house and made dumplings together. Park Eun-hye told her aunt about how to eat dumplings and told her stories.

Park Eun-hye said, “When my mother is divorced after eight and a half, a call comes in when I go home.” The aunt took her mother’s side and said, “I know you’re happy with your clothes. My friend lives with my mom. Call me what time your mom comes in. I’m 66 years old tomorrow.” In addition, my aunt said, “I don’t know how much I miss such nagging. I want to see my parents too.”

Park Eun-hye then told her mother’s objection to divorce and asked her thoughts about her aunt. My aunt comforted Park Eun-hye, saying, “I don’t need to buy it.” Parents feel even though their children don’t talk.

On the other hand, MBN ‘Udasa’ is a women’s life where Park Young-sun, Park Eun-hye, Kim Kyung-ran, Park Yeon-su and Ho-ran share their lives together and depict the life and love of ‘the older sisters’ who returned to the entertainment industry. It is a reality program that airs every Wednesday at 11 pm. Shin Dong-yeop and Lee Kyu-han are the ‘namsachin’.

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